Single-Use Usernames

I personally think that having a “one use only” username system would make the accounts more personal, and keep the amount of impersonators low. It also allows for a unique account for people like me that love the nostalgia of keeping an account that means something to you, and can only be linked to you. Let me know what you guys think, early joiners in Vine would have a great chance to claim a cool name for themselves!


Agreed 100%!
I would legit just claim my name, which I hope can’t be taken :joy:


That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to make an account with my name the second V2 comes out!


Me too @Haris, sounds great! I’m also slightly worried about name-snipers, that end up stealing names of popular users and sell them off early on. I’m sure @dom will put some type of system in place.


Best Idea. I made same topic but it went for approval damn. I like this idea


no they are saying like we can still change it but we no more than two people can have the username

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Exactly, as long as only one person can have the name, it’ll mean more.