Singers - Let’s collaborate on V2!

Hi! My name is CHIS (@chisofficial on instagram) . I’m a vocalist/ songwriter, photo/ video editor, and creator (soon to be artist on V2).

I’ve always wanted to collaborate with other singers over the internet! I think it’d be a really simple way to expand each other’s reach.

You’d start by choosing two songs together, and the 6.5 second part you’d like to sing. One artist records their part first, and the other records over it. Compile the footage together and there you have it! Both artists have a piece of content to post and can cross promote each other in their descriptions (And it would be super fun!)

I’ve tried to do this once on musically, but no one seemed to be into the idea. Am I crazy for wanting to make this a thing? Is it already a thing and i’m just not looking in the right places??

Here’s one of my covers: CHIS - Stay Cover

And one of my original songs: Palmtree. prod. by FARAWAY

If you post covers/ originals and would like to do something like this, drop your socials! Maybe we could build up some content before V2’s launch!


Hey, I’m interested!

Instagram, twitter, snapchat: @chalhoubmark

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I’m down! My instagram is

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Awesome!! Just followed you :+1: Holy cow your instagram account is goals!!!

Perfect! Just followed :clap: nice videos! You’ll do well on V2 for sure!!

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Can’t sing but will definitely support your content! :slight_smile:

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Thanks !

IG: officiallykray !

I just wish I was a singer​:sob::cry: :woman_singer:t5:

Wow, I’d love to see your creation, what kind of music do you sing?

Great idea! Can’t wait to get back to doing music on V2 :eyes::microphone::musical_keyboard:

It would be really cool to do something like this.

concept sound interesting. Which artists influence your music the most?