Sims 4? Cc?

Who here plays Sims 4 aND has awesome custom content I could use? ?

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I play sims 4! :raising_hand_woman:t4:‍♀️

I usually use CC for CAS (like clothes, skins, hair, etc) but I have used the “Go To School” mod for you to travel with your kids to a school building lot you place and “Zerbu Turbo Careers” mod to interact with more jobs lots with your sims, instead of just the 3 that comes with Go To Work (detective, scientist, doctor)

I’ve also heard that the most popular mod is the MC Command Center where you can control almost about anything in the game easily

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I play sims 4! I don’t have my own cc but you can find some really good finds on tumblr or some in YouTube videos.
Btw there are some cc which you need to download something called mesh for it work. I found a YouTube video which has great cc which you can use.


Thakyou!! I’ve been looking for videos like this for ages… I need to update all of my cc