Simpler = Better?

I realize that in the early phases of any project, people are just brainstorming and “idea frenzy” in a way. However, should the V2 app be that feature dense? Seemed to me that V*ne’s old minimalistic design and feature base worked amazingly and streamlined the focus onto what mattered most: the videos. Should V2 carry on the same principals?


On 1 side I think you’re right. But on the other side you have to see this as a completely new start and, while V2 is still different, there are al lot of competing apps. Simple design isn’t enough anymore (my guess of course)

It should and shouldn’t. It should be v*nes baby and have similar features but it should also be its own thing with new and original ideas that other platforms have missed out on.

It should come up with new features that would take the world by storm, like Snapchat lenses

You don’t want it compacted with too many small features. The UI should be very easy to use and navigate. But also have some really cool features so it’s not boring

I don’t think so. Simpleness is only 1 style of creativity. I think people should explore all levels of creativity

The simpler the better.