Significance of the logo?

I have a couple questions about the byte logo. First of all, did the quality of the app icon improve? I just downloaded the new TestFlight update, and the quality of the logo looks WAY better on the TF app than on the Apple App Store (I always secretly thought the icon made the logo look super cheap until now). And while I’m on the topic of the logo, what’s the significance of it? What does a light green square merging with a pink circle have to do with 6-second looping videos? I’m sure there’s some hella-abstract reasoning behind it, but I’m definitely not smart enough to figure it out myself


there’s a massive post about it, lemme try to find it lol ok here… and yeah the quality is better on testflight than on the app store, now that i’m looking at the app store one it’s actually really really bad quality, hadn’t noticed before


That’s some 200 IQ thinking behind the logo :joy: love it.


Thanks for showing me this. And I was right, WAAAY too abstract for me lol


The square is because everybody on the platform is squares and the circle is because we’re all going into circles. That’s my argument and I refuse to budge.