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So I have an idea for Byte. I don’t know how many of you watched Apple’s WWDC Keynote but they talked about their new sign-in options.

Instead of this:

You’ll get this:

Which I think Byte should totally do! That’s the one thing I didn’t like was I needed a Google account to sign-in, I was really hoping we could create accounts using our email but it seems like Apple has answered our prayers:

The new ‘Sign in with apple’ will authenticate with face id without revealing personal information & if you choose to hide your email, they’ll create a totally random address to protect your address!

Say what you want about apple, but they care about privacy. And their next move is “sign in with apple,” with the purpose of letting you control your data. This is going to be the biggest thing Apple launches this year and would love for Byte to take full advantage.


This is actually a really good idea! Implementation With byte would be preeeeetty cool :eyes:


i don’t trust apple tbh, or any of these companies. our faces and data will still be stored in databases.


But that’s just the same with google as well


yeah i know, hence why i said ‘any of these companies’

they’re all selling our data and making money from it lol. it’s corrupt

why can’t we just simply have a normal sign up with an email and create your own password.


What about your passport, its already stored in a database

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True but not everyone has one and it doesn’t hold the same type of info. But honestly by this point all of our information is out there and companies have access to it


yeah we have no privacy anywhere


Apple doesn’t do any of that stuff, you’re safer on an iPhone then an Android. I know it wouldn’t work for Galaxies & stuff but it’s a neat feature that Byte could add to iOS for anyone using iPhones.


Apple doesn’t sell your info. Your data and privacy is protected, they make it so Apple themselves can’t even access our stuff. It’s like Snapchat, they don’t store anything so it’s physically impossible to get old stuff. Their actually two of my favorite businesses cause they’ve shown time & time again they care about their user’s privacy by their actions, they don’t even have to talk about cuz their known for their security but obviously their gonna brag about it during Keynotes & try to get people to switch. It’s refreshing, no other company competes in this department.


Yeah I was thinking that too, Andriod doesn’t have a good track record but I don’t know if Google is planning new security features. This is a good feature for Byte on iOS, their probably working on iOS 13 right now since is out for developers. I’m very tempted to spend $99 right now just for darkmode lol.


I’m not against it. Also the randomizing of your e-mail is a great security feature.