Show when a sound is being re-used

The new sound feature is really nice. But when I saw a video that was using a sound by @ConvincingHorse, there was no indication on the video that the sound was hers.

The only way to tell is by clicking on the little sound icon in the upper right. But it would be nice if you could instead show the profile pic of the original creator there, or some other way of indicating that the sound in the video belongs to another creator. Thanks.


Couldn’t agree more


Full disclaimer I didn’t make the sound!!! I just wanted to make sure Mickey Mouse door to darkness was on the archives!!!


I desperately require edgy Mickey Mouse to exist on this app :weary:


I think if they had the custom artwork that would be cool, but I’m honestly fine with how it is because when you click it you see the sound creator. I like the clean design.


I don’t understand the point of the custom artwork


I think it’s a nice touch. I like it when things are easily identifiable and tidy. I can put the actual album artwork on it which is nice.

Also, I think I’m just a very visual person and I like to add a visual element to everything I do. Product of dyslexia. :joy_cat:


No other way it should be tbh!

I think they could still make it apparent that the sound is being re-used and still keep the interface clean. There are a lot of creators on Byte who aren’ t big fans of this feature to begin with, but it will discourage more creators from allowing their sounds to be used on other videos if no one knows the origin of the sound unless they click on that generic sound icon, which looks the same whether the sound is original or re-used. On TikTok the sound icon shows the profile photo of the original creator, like this…


The custom artwork is nice, but, I don’t see it being used that often, especially if your sound is original. Better to just display the creator’s profile photo as the default image instead of displaying that generic smiley face image that’s displayed when you don’t upload a profile photo. Otherwise, I have to upload my own profile photo every time I want to make my video sound available if I don’t want that generic icon, which is unnecessary extra work.


The custom artwork is a nice touch, but I don’t see many people using it, especially if the sound is original. They should just use the creator’s current profile photo instead of that generic smiley face icon if you don’t upload custom artowrk. Even if you’re using a song from an artist, who has a photo of the album or that artist around to upload? I wouldn’t bother myself.


Uploading the album artwork like @allintheory said actually makes sense, but I make original music for my bytes and don’t have album artwork for all of them because most of them are made specifically for byte.
Honestly I think the smiley instead of your profile picture is a bug because it seems like the intended behavior is top use your profile picture by default.

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This is exactly what I feared as soon as sounds were announced: It’s even easier now for people who are doing the bare minimum to chase clout to bury people who are coming up with the original content.

You see a byte made with a sound and have no credit for who they took it from. Then click on the generic sound symbol and see a feed of the bytes done with it, the credit is at the top but you can’t tap on it to be directed to the original byte/user.


i think a little recycle type icon would look good there, a simple implementation to stop imitation :+1:


What about using either the

  1. Repeat
  2. Repeat Measure -with the # being a count of used
  3. Repeat Note (made up, but simple)
  4. Rebeat Note

Examples in pic below.

I kind of like the idea of calling it a Rebeat to be honest. What do you say @dom

I’d love the ability for the byte beats being used to automatically show up in the top right too. It seems crazy that the byte beat creators don’t automatically get credit in the byte if their music is used.


I also like this idea a lot.

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Rebeat bump

I second the byte beats comment. Not only for myself, but there’s one I keep hearing that I’m unable to find at the moment. I’ve also been tagged in a considerable amount of posts where someone is trying to figure out who created the music I provided. I imagine most of the people wondering don’t bother to ask if they don’t see it already.


I’ve been trying to remember the creator and the beat to tag in anything I create as a courtesy and thank you.
But now that the sounds feature is available, it feels like it’s right there and I want to be able to use that.

It honestly feels counter intuitive that I can see who made a weird sound, but I can’t see who the partnered byte beat creators are.