Should we be expecting an announcement this week?

since dom mentioned a announcement last week on twitter, do you guys think he’ll finally speak about some dates/new info about the app tomorrow or sometime this week? what are you speculating about a new name/dates?


I think we could look forward to some small announcement(s) this coming week :))

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I’m really hoping for that update he mentioned soon too. I’m thinking the app could be released in the summer? Not sure what the name change will be though. :grinning:

I dont think he will tbh

I just checked the user section of the forum to check how often he (dom) has been on, and its been 3 times this week. He’s probably working on everything that we’ve said that were good ideas. I reckon he is not releasing an update because he does not feel like what he is working on is good enough to release information about… yet… (idk if that made sense)

Idk if this helps it’s just my interpretation


Dom highkey lurking this forum smh.


I imagine an update is coming soon, since he said so like the week before last. We’re playing the waiting game right now.


I was honestly hoping tomorrow. The last update he gave was on a Monday so…

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nothing today i guess… looks like we’re still waiting :thinking:


We haven’t gotten an update in ages I think I new one will be coming soon for sure.

another day goes by with no updates xx

Soon hopefully :pray::pray:

waiting like