Should we be Consistent and stupid?

Whats your opinion on Creating content daily… Because i guess you know what happened to Logan Paul when he was trying to create content daily consistently he pushed his limits and ended up doing something Stupid…

So what do you think, On v2 is it necessary to Create and upload Content daily??


nah, too much could get a little annoying


I create content daily, but only upload once. So I don’t think you’re pushing it too far if you’re only posting once a day. Just my opinion though.


I feel like once you get to a point where your uploading just to upload you get diminishing quality. At the same time though, some of the biggest Viners had close to 1000 vines by the end of vine. That’s close to 1 vine a day for everyday vine was popular.

I think it just depends on what kind of quality you think you can put out and at what rate. I probably come up with a good idea every other day or so, so I think its just a matter of how creative and you are and what your goal for every loop or v2 you create.


Ya I was also thinking the same sometimes viewers should wait then they will also be enthusiastic

Creating content daily is not a problem but uploading it daily ?? Coz if we don’t upload one day we will feel bad or useless… sometimes

I mean if u enjoy uploading daily and it’s what u live for then i say totally go for it!!!

But if ur just posting content just to post it, then I definitely think you would maybe want to reconsider your upload schedule.

Plus it doesn’t have to be daily either. Posting frequently is also an option. Like maybe four times a week or even every other day.

It’s your videos so it’s your decision

Hope that kinda helped :grin:


Ya that’s also true

I mean, I guess to each their own, but I know a girl who posts at least 5-6 times a day (idk how, she must not have a job) and she has almost 2 mil followers. And her fans love every sec of it, so I guess it just depends on your fanbase and if you can think of that many ideas in a short amount of time.

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Ya Man thanks I really want To Upload daily create daily but I don’t want to loose that quality in my content

Ya Also depends upon creator we cannot generalise that u r Right

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Ya thats actually what I’m pondering over as well. Like I’d love to upload daily but I’m not sure if I can handle it mentally or creatively. Best of luck with whatever decision u make:exclamation:

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Also the more you do it, the better you get at the process. Making your first fifty loops may be challenging and take awhile (weeks, months), but after you make several hundred, it’ll be a lot easier.

The people who are really successful and innovative at this have figured out their own unique process. It’s not that they have a lot of good ideas, it’s that they’ve learned to reliably generate good ideas. That’s the difference between a one-hit wonder and a popular band. The one-hit wonder had a one good idea, but the popular band knew how to keep generating good ideas.


You can try to make content daily, but if you feel like the content you made (a specific day, let’s say) didn’t end up good, don’t upload it.

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Yes Man Keeping Up with the Idea and Quality is Challenging

That’s Really An Ideal that’s should be kept in mind consistency is not important Quality and it reaching the people is important

Yup, exactly!

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I actually think consistency is the key to grow… someone on the forum said something like “better post consistently good content than inconsistently perfect content…”. And I totally agree with that. But on the other hand, if it stresses you out or if it’s too much pressure, don’t upload daily :ok_hand: fun & happiness are more important than followers :sunglasses:


I feel like most of us will have to upload once just about everyday to keep up with those who end up getting big on v2


Like Consistency is also how you schedule your uploading if you say will upload three days a week on a particular day then that’s it you have to if you miss that day its a disaster… isn’t it so ya consistency is also a very important concept

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