Should videos on v2 be posted for everyone to even people who are not following you?

Yes, i think this was a fail from the first vine. I just feel like we should have a option to post a video for everyone to see or just for our followers to see. And v2 should create a view buttom. This will stop people who arent that creative to get views and help the ones who are really artist live the dream they always wish for.

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Yeah i think thats a great point because it will help more people get the recognition they deserve. I think there were alot of underrated viners last time and think this idea would help cut that and give everyone equal chances

So like become private or public?

Yes! I think the videos should be seen by everyone, that’s always good for supporting new creative & artistic new comers on the app. Important factor, V2 should maintain the total views/loops, total likes, total revines, total followers & total following, these stats on a profile are very important on a profile, it builds achievement & pushes for more & better work, plus viewers can see that as a positive for that artist

Yes, but to everyone. Im trying to explain this. Ok you know how some platforms such as instagram or facebook says that your post arw public, but it really dont be. I really think that v2 should make it really for everyone to see your post wthout using tags