Should V2 v***rs have the chance to go live?

No, personal I feel as if live streams and that Snapchat stuff should stay off v2

Nah I feel like it would take away from the whole “short video” idea

Uh… nah no

There are other apps to go live on, i hope it won’t have a live feature but if it does, I’ll probably still try it out.

I never watch “Live” anything, and frankly it bugs me when I get pop-ups on IG when people go live all the time.

in my opinion i dont think v2 should have the feature of live, because you have anothers apps where you can make lives, such as instragram or facebook, or even twitter, and in my opinion some of your folowers on v2 will follow you too in others apps… please dont get me wrong :smile:

I like the feature of going “Live” but I don’t think it’s a feature V2 should have. V2 is as unique at it is by itself. I think the goal is to create a unique platform not similar to others. The community of V2 is the most unique about V2 tho. The willingness to collab and the willingness to lead.

Check this Idea out


That would be lit

I can’t see v2 doing that. It makes v2’s 6 second limit obsolete. It would also feel like it would be copying other apps.

A lot of social media platforms already have this feature, and while I think live streaming on v2 would be a cool feature, it probably won’t overtake something like IG live, Periscope,, FB live, etc.

I would love this, Instagram doesn’t let you broadcast professionally only from a mobile device while Twitter (Periscope) let’s you stream from your phone if you want, like it was originally created for, but now let’s you stream from multiple cameras and an encoder and stuff so I’d like to be able to go live on v2 so I wouldn’t have to go to a different platform also I’d be giving them more traffic which we don’t want, I want v2 to grow and be The platform you go to over something else and spend the most time in.

See, the Live option has many pros for new creators however, it seems fairly pointless when the clips are only going to be 6.5 secs long. Will people live stream for hours? It could turn into something like Twitch. How would we filter these lives to make sure content is appropriate, how would we reduce the sponsorships and possibly other platform promotion? Almost ever app now seems to have a live option, I don’t think we should make V2 a duplicate of the other platforms.

Not a big fan of live videos. It takes away attention from great (and shorter) videos

What do you mean

No because it will defeat the purpose of the app this app is suppose to be unique an STRICTLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT no filters,no lives,no stories the old fashion VINE we all know an love :100:

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Go live for 1 minute ONLY…would be dope to promote an upcoming post or current one


There should be an option where you can go live for 6 minutes once a day

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I know this post from 2018 but we Byters now bro! @Dcgerson lol
I’m down for whatever TBH :man_shrugging:Dom already talked about having seasonal features soooo I’m open-minded about what he does later on.

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Yes. But it should loop when the stream is over.

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