Should v2 promote celebs and old v***rs or smaller new v***rs?

I think they should promote the smaller ones because the old viners will get followers from other platforms. The old viners were a big reason that v1 fell apart anyway because it became all about the money but I want to hear your thoughts guys.


V2 shouldn’t promote anyone big OR small tbqh, so everyone has an equal opportunity to be noticed and make a difference in the community.


No, i think it shouldn’t promote anyone, doesn’t matter if you were big on Vine or you’re coming from another social network, it should treat everyone equally.


don’t promote anyone, it’ll cause people to blow up and leave smaller viners in the dust

It’s already been said that promotions will be based on the quality and value, not the size of the account


Not sure anyone should be promoted unless it was something similar to the channels in which more popular and growing posts were featured. All big viners started little, they outta again. They can still promote themselves on other social media if they so desire.

A little of both

I think that Twittervine made some terrible decisions in the way it promoted certain “artists” and “comedians” over some of the massively talented people that had more of an underground following. I had a really great conversation with the folks from Vine about it after making a big stink publicly. I think the feature functionality should be designed to not promote users based on just raw numbers because unfortunately sometimes people love crap. If I were the king of the universe I’d try to tune the feed algorithms so that they balance out purely data driven stuff with curated content. This would have to be done by people who look for the best stuff, instead of the stuff they think will drive the most clicks.


they should promote good content and not just the big or small people


I don’t think anyone should be “promoted”. I do think they should feature videos that are getting good responses. I’m sure there’s an algorithm for that. Even on vine I had a couple videos that got over 3M loops and I only had a couple thousand followers because people will find good content regardless of whether it’s promoted or not.

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Promote anyone
The app is made for anyone to use no matter who it is so anyone can get promoted I am sure that this app will help give a voice and attention to the smaller ones trying to grow

It is going to promote peopleI feel like, it may be like IG where there is an explore page

How bout just make good content? :exploding_head:

No promoting. We all start somewhere

I want it to be like old school YouTube where it was so easy for things to blow up or be noticed

I think you are right

regardless if they chose to promote previous creators and celebrities they will still start off with their advantage of their followers following them to the platform which cant be helped since they will just tell their followers to follow them on v2. not saying its good or bad but its the reality of it so keep that in mind.

They should only promote people who are entertaining, bc half the stuff considered “funny” wasn’t

Yeah but there’s always people who already have big following that are going to grow in the first week anyways

I think it should be a mix of both