Should v2 have pictures or just videos?

Any thoughts? Well i think it should, but idk?

I am positive v2 will be videos created by artists.


Hmmm, actually i loved the way V1 was , so idk if pictures can be a good idea but we will see.


I’d say just videos


As a creator, I think that it should really just be video, obviously if someone wants to post a still, they can by extending the frame to 7secs on a editing app, simple.


Yeah that would be awsome

I think it might be best if it’s just videos. If pictures get included it might turn into a sort of Instagram.


Yes, i know right. That question i ask was from some guy on twitter.

I think just videos is the best way to go! Many ideas are already inspired by Instagram (collections/saving) and posting photos too would probably crossover into IG remake territory.
And as DamageLittle said:

I think that’s the best way to go for anyone wanting to share something like that


I think that Vine being made of strictly videos is what makes it unique, and if we add pictures it might be like a second instagram to some people


Keep it as classic Vine really miss it.With photos would be like some else social media not Vine more like Instagram idk.


I think there should be videos only, like on old Vine :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think that it should just be videos. Adding photos will give it an Instagram feel and that’s not what we’re going for. I think the app should just be videos, like the old app.

Just videos

If it did I don’t know if it would be successful there’s just no way it could compete with Instagram in regards of uploading pictures, I reckon V2 should stick to videos or maybe you can upload a series of photos and it plays like a slideshows

I’d say no pictures. I don’t think it fits well with the other aspects of v2.

I would like just videos is not the same qith pictures there… then it wouldn’t be v2.

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yeah i think videos are the best

my opinion is that the app will gain about 1000-5000 downloads then it will gain A LOT and hit a few hundred thousand and then will eventually surpass the big 1,000,000 after a few days as it will hit the featured app suggestions in the app store

Just videos are what made vine unique. I don’t really see a need for pictures when there are other socials dominantly revolved around photos.