Should V2 have ads?

Right, but V2 shouldn’t be part of that process

Vine got shut down because it was not profitable, not because creators requested to be paid. YouTube doesn’t pay creators because of longer videos. Regardless of video length, if an artist is creating traffic on an app and in turn earning the app money, the artist should be financially compensated by getting a share of that money. You’re thinking of it as time = money when that isn’t even slightly applicable to this situation.

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It’s so you get paid when you post!

VIewers. Anyone who watches vines.

I want ads because if you want to pay the creators you have to have some sort of advertisement or else every other vine will be a popular viner promoting there new merch so they can make money.

It depends really

no, ads should not exist ever.

They’re like commercials. They make non ads more enjoyable.

If it helps the apps, yes.

Honestly, Id be 100% fine with ads if it meant v2 didnt get sold for dom to make some money. As long as they weren’t excessive, I can see some advertised loops popping up on an explore page or somthing, or banners along the top or bottom here and there (although that looks unprofessional at times. Perhaps every 10 videos a sponsored loop can come along). If you dont want to see or watch the 6 second ad,just scroll on by, but at least the app can make revenue in a passive way that doesnt involve us paying to use it.

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And creators shouldnt get paid on vine. Getting popular can lead to you doing sponsored work, or posting longer videos/ compilations on youtube for ad revenue. I dont demand a pay out every time I post a tweet or instagram picture. A lot of newbie creators in todays day and age dont see long term, how social media popularity can benefit long time instead of an instant payout. Id rather have the benefits of popularity and making people laugh than the 5 bucks a month id make in ad revenue.

Youre not paying to use the platform. Ads being placed isnt stealing from you, its benefiting the makers of the app, which I am 110% okay with as long as its done in a non-annoying way

If we’re honest maybe v2 can become a competitor to youtube if it get’s the right funding through ads, if the app can make a profit then they can re-invest on projects with creators, therefore expanding it into something that can compete on the online market. I’ll be happy if it get’s big enough to launch a new generation of content creators that don’t flood other websites and produce stuff with no soul lol.

Twitter wasn’t generating enough income for vine to be useful to them and I guess it was more of an inconvenience to them than profitable

You don’t sound like a creator.

Honestly I’m fine with ads as long as you can scroll past them and they don’t pop up and annoy you like the ones that are in most AppStore games

I think that advertisements should be handled in the same way that they are on Instagram. There, they have sponsored posts that individual companies and/or artists can choose to give money so Instagram’s users see a link to their shop, or their post shows up in their feed, or whatever the case may be. It’s an effective strategy that isn’t as intrusive as it would be to have a banner on the top or bottom of the screen or having an ad play before you’re able to watch a six-second video.

As for artists being paid, I personally don’t think there should be any sort of compensation involved. There really isn’t an effective method to determine traffic and clicks based on what artists the user watches. Just like on platforms such as YouTube, artists should turn to brand deals if they’re searching for a little bit of extra money.

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Should definitely be incorporated to ensure the longevity of the the app in the second run

Yeah 100% every big viner left vine for youtube or Instagram because they would get a lot of money V2 needs ads

Sure why not

I remember the decline of Vine (owned by Twitter) after many famous users of the app would heavily promote things and it became trash…