Should v2 have a age limit

  • Yes 13 and up
  • No

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All social media is 13 and up. Why should Vine be different?


I understand it would be stupid cause no one is honest with their age
But YouTube says 13 and up but they want to be friendly to children viewers but whys their children viewers when you say 13 and up



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13 and up is a legal requirement in the US, unless you make specific accommodations


@dom no matter the age limit the V2 team puts, it will be violated. Sorry, just being honest. :joy::joy:

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nobody is supposed to collect identifiable data about people who are under 13, that’s why most apps ask, so that even if you lie about your age, you can’t sue for your information being collected, because you said that you were over 13 (i’m sure it gets deeper than this legally that’s just what i’ve understood)


they have a YouTube kids app for this reason but parents don’t seem to care

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Please don’t let v2 be ruined by not trying offend everyone on the planet ;(

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you’re right and also if a service finds out you we’re underage at the time of account creation they could suspend your account, I’m not sure about v2 as it’s not even out yet but I can speak for Twitter and Instagram.

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