Should v2 give other content creators who are not from america, the attention they deserve?

I’m from the Caribbean & I say this because almost every vine star I come across they seem to be American. This needs to change for the new v2 app, every content creator whether small/large should be given an equal chance to be at the top.

What are your thoughts on this?


I think if the videos you post are in English then you have more chance of them going viral as many users will be from English speaking countries e.g America
It will be more harder for another speaking language to become popular in English speaking countries unless there are subtitles.


I’m from the UK and I know that on vine it was difficult for top UK viners to get recognized so I’m really hoping that v2 will give everyone an equal opportunity.


I second that, also if there were to be v2 meets up in the uk making it easier for content to creators to collab like with v*ne

Yeah of course. I think it should be different world wide. America always gets it good sadly.

I feel the reason for that is, is that most of the companies are based there so meets ups can be organised and everything making it easier for the hype and boosting one another

I second this, Vine really helped out North American influencers

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True but still we deserve the same attention

Yes but this time it needs to end. #GiveOthersAChance

I’ll probably go to L.A. :sunglasses::sunglasses: if I need to.

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If I meet a team I fall in love with I’m down for that

People who speak English have much more attention, those of us who are not from those countries have to adapt that language and make videos in English. For now Spanish and other languages do not have as much attention.

Same here

Yes but, pertaining to the topic I’m from the Caribbean and I speak English sometimes dialect English and i still dont get the attention like the american viners

This has less to do with what Vine did or what V2 does but much more the preferences of the viewers, which will be mainly American. If your videos don’t appeal to Americans there’s little anyone can do. If your videos appeal to Americans will to a very large extent be cultural. In many cases there might be something interesting or funny in your culture, in your country, but for various reasons (e.g. cultural references) viewers in other countries (here in particular the US) simply might not understand your videos. Language is to an extent secondary here, I remember many Vines without a single word being spoken. Slapstick often doesn’t use language, but at least some of it will be cultural and might not be understood in other countries/regions. References to places, certain more local memes, current local affairs, local celebrities etc simply will not be understood in other countries for the most part.


I think everyone should be given an equal shot but @islayblog brought up a great point.

Indeed he has

agreed! It’s not something V2 can have much control over, it’s more what people choose to see

Maybe they could have a “trending” or “whats hot” page and it shows videos that have been viewed alot in other countries including America? I don’t think it can be helped because it all depends on the audience and what they like most.

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That’s true, I’d love to see a diverse culture of people from different countries I get enough of Americans during the day

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