Should V2 do something about this OEVO thingy?

Judging from their twitter followers I think it’s more popular than v2 currently. Shall we not post stuff there? Cuz that would create a lot of competition and v2 might not get their potential users. I’ve went to the site and it seems like for now, most of the users are from wherever the creator’s from. Do you think V2 should start considering them as a competition and do something about them?

And give them attention? I think not

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So do you think it’s not that popular enough to be v2’s competitor? Well I hope so too man

If you ask someone what is oesomething nobody will know. That answers it all.

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Hopefully it’ll stay that way forever

I don’t think they should because, it’s not even a competition it’s not as good as v2

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Dom has already created a twitter for v2. I am sure if oevo is not owned by Twitter something may happen because they announce Vine every tweet.

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Alright I didn’t quite understand that. So tweeter is tweeting about V2?

Not, what she meant is that V2 shouldn’t have any problem with it as they’re not vine or are associated with it. That account is mentioning Vine. So Twitter owns Vine and if that account is tweeting about vine and it’s not from Twitter then Twitter is the one that should stop them as they’re using Vine’s name.

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Sounds like a ripoff VEVO tbh

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Yeah it is. They literally describe it as the new vine

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If you couldn’t tell I’m shaking my head right now

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It’s definitely not going to be a problem. With Dom being on the forefront of V2, it’s the “official” unofficial spiritual successor to vine. OEVO won’t survive much after V2 has an official release.


Hope so :slight_smile:

Hey guys, so I wanted to know more about the legal issues regarding Ploy’s usage of the name “V2”. I searched around and found some really interesting things. I learned that the founder of Ploy is from Stockholm, Sweden and he has already filed to register the name “V2” beating @dom to the chase.

So, until someone disputes the claim Ploy can use the name as much as @dom can, if not more, as he did file the application to register the copyright. If this becomes a dispute battle between them, it’ll just keep going on for a very long time. V2 should’ve been copyrighted and trademarked a long time ago for the security of its users. Also I have been reading that Ploy already has a fully functional beta that they are emailing to people through test flight which is not great for v2. As the copyright was filed on the 2nd of January, there are now only seven days until a dispute can be made until Ploy has the name “v2” copyrighted for good. I don’t know how no one on the V2 team thought to copyright and trademark the name before announcing it.

also moderators were not allowing this message to be posted.