Should V2 combat username farming/bots?

This might seem random, but it’s a semi-issue on other social media and I thought I’d voice a frustration a think some people have.

Okay this whole thing assumes that v2 will operate on a system where only 1 person can have any given username (which I think it should, but feel free to comment on this part too).

It’s no real secret that there’s a whole underground username trading market. Basically when a new social media is released, people have bots already set to make hundreds of accounts, basically stealing usernames they know people would want (e.g. common first names, 1,2,3,4 and 5 letter words, etc). They basically just have these accounts sit around doing nothing until someone comes along to pay whatever they charge to ‘buy’ that username back.

Okay so it’s obviously really annoying because it means all the usernames a creator would want are taken by farmers and never even used for content. Also some username farmers just do it for clout and never even sell them.
I’m honestly not sure how to combat this issue, but maybe more active account screening to check for dead accounts and then releasing their usernames back to others? I know Anchor has a system where once an account does nothing for 30 days, the username is put back in the pool.

This isn’t a perfect solution but I thought I would open up this discussion:

  1. Should V2 combat this problem? As in is it worth it?
  2. How could V2 combat this problem?

Hey, here is a great thread where they talk about bots, buying followers, and all things similar. You should check it out :smile:


That is a great thread haha, however this thread is more targeted at specifically farming usernames and the problem of good usernames being sniped early by username sellers.

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My bad I guess. Sounded similar to what you were talking about

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It somewhat is, but no worries regardless


This will probably be a verious serious problem with vine. I already know a few instagram botters who I’m sure would have usernames prepared to mass create via proxy as soon as beta or app comes out

Yeah they’re already gearing up for it and I honestly hope vine can combat it, tired of having my name/aliases always taken by some kid that only wants to sell it

I think someone mentioned something about verified badges to help with this, but I’m not entirely sure what that meant

yeah it’s a problem and it is not fair. hopefully there’s going to be some sort of prevention for this.

We all hope so but honestly I think the best approach isn’t to stop them from snatching the usernames, but to make it extremely hard for them to maintain them. Maybe some sort of regular check system for activity and instantly releasing the username of any account that posts about selling their user…

AHA! I love that, you’re right… @dom :wink:

I agree. Other platforms like Twitter for instance claim they do this but honestly other corporations are so big Id like to know what their doing more like for example YouTube. V2 is so transparent, Dom is amazing and listens to everyone. But yeah, Twitter says it gets rid of inactive accounts but there’s still tons of accounts that have to tweeted since like 2010 and it’s 2018. They say just cause an account looks in active on the outside to everyone else, they could be logging in and obviously we wouldn’t know that only Twitter could see that data. I feel like some people have to seriously be doing that though, just staying active by just doing backed end stuff and logging in so Twitter can’t tell it’s active but that’s a horrible system. I think it’s fair to shut down someone’s account if their just going to be logging in to keep active data but not actually “using” the platform and tweeting and stuff. What’s the point of that? If their not using the platform “right” then the account should be deleted and handle set back into the pool of usernames. This is what I think V2 should do. (:

Yeah ultimately it falls back on the large argument of how much of the platform the creator really ‘owns’.
People argue that usernames are like real estate, so once they’ve claimed it, the platform has no right to attempt to remove that ‘investment’ from them but this ideology is what lets username snipers thrive.

Personally I don’t think usernames are something you should be able to claim forever. I mentioned how another social media, Anchor, has a system where if the account hasn’t done anything (posting, engaging significantly) in 30 days then the username is given up for someone else to take. The account is left intact but someone else can use the username. This might not perfectly work in V2 but something like this should be considered.

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An account that doesn’t regularly post would be flagged and then possibly be removed?

Reporting system for blatant spam bots?

I posted a discussion point about a two teir pay app that may have merit to reduce bot abuse.

Two tier pay app?

Basic app but you’d pay to open expanded features.

Not sure how that’d go down with the userbase, especially when most social media are free, it wouldn’t be a good strategic move for V2 to try to do a paywall type system