Should V2 be green like v***?

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  • yes
  • i like different colors
  • I’m not sure

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Uh oh…

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I think the “Green” would serve as a tribute to the original app.


Don’t worry, I’m not Jake Paul


That sounds just like something JAKE PAUL would say.


I’m scared I just made it into the next vlog…

I will build a wall around the Team 10 house. Don’t worry.

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Which asks a fundemental question. Is V2 completely new or a second version of a failed app?

:thinking: stay woke.
on a side note I think dom’s idea for v2 is to make it more fair and even. So if he didn’t think he could why would he even start it again?


the green holds the value of vine

Deport Team 10 Mr. President.

I realized after looking at the title of my poll that vines are green and rarely purple so maybe purple could look cool

Worry not, I have a deportation button on the my desk and it’s YUGE.

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actually that would be cool

Yeah totally should keep the color green no doubt about it

I think it a fresh take on the old classic.

The v2 logo release was a lighter green so I imagine Dom will keep it green. I think it should stay that way. Different colors represent different images. Green is a good color for v2.

Bigger than his button tho is the real question…

Much bigger even though the FAKE NEWS outlets like CNN say it isn’t.

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So glad I know fun people will be on V2. What is your IG I want to add you to the group chat