Should v2 be family friendly

  • Yes
  • No
  • No it would absolutely ruin it for some

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It should have everything. Just options that toggle certain things off. When you download it could have all family friendly settings on, and then if you wanted to, you could turn them off. Then kids wouldn’t be exposed to certain things.


I wouldn’t be too worried about the “exposed to explicit content” as V2 should be monitoring it themselves. Although there are mistakes made and things are missed, I do like the idea of family friendly but as a soon to be “creator” it would be more hard to make an audience.

Parental controls would be nice I’m sure but that would require an algorithim to distinguish who gets to see what, and just ask YouTube how that is going. Creators should be influenced to upload clean content, but I mean that’s just not how this whole internet thing works.


That is a good point.

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VERY much agreed! Great point jake!!

I think every account is different and people can choose to be family friendly or not

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I know for a fact that I can sometimes say a few words, but like, as long as its not like 18-21+ stuff I think it should be okay (If that makes sense)

All depends on the creator , it won’t be fair if everyone would have to be family friendly because then I think it takes the creativity from some Artists

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It should have elements that are family oriented… but as creators we should be able to express ourselves

If you limit what people can do can you still call them artists?

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Tumblr has this setting where you can toggle back and forth between NSFW type of content, since V2 is likely going to be popular amongst all ages because there will definately be a pull range of content, that can be password protected or creating an account to view the content can be restricted by age.