Should there still be like and revine counts in V2?

Perhaps one of these feature should get eliminated (in my opinion likes) in order to keep the app simple. Comments and revines should stay as they are the primary forms of “public conversation” and contribute to virality of content. Loops should stay, as they show engagement regardless of positive or negative. Likes feel unnecessary in a time when social media is less about likes and reactions and more about views (IG/SC stories). V2 should stand out in the sense that it is less formal, for example, it could have features like dailybooth (shut down 2012) where you could post from your webcam, and also see a live feed of everything being posted on the site. Eliminating engagement counts could help prevent what IG is seeing now (I think it’s a “decline in original sharing”), and could lower the threshold of what you can and can’t post without being judged.


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