Should there be an age requirement to use/post on v2?

I think maybe an option to flag your own and others’ content so that a warning would appear over the video before you watch. This wouldnt restrict the user from accessing it, but at least telling them what’s in it so that they can choose not to watch

No matter what rules people will put in place under aged people will always find a way to get on an app. Not much they could do except put a safe mode on.

If we, as kids, went to the disney website without our parents permission, then these kids do anything

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That’s an awesome idea! I feel that would probably be the best fit for the platform.

Hopefully the developers take a look and consider it, I would personally love to see this implemented.

There should be an age requirement to sign up of like 13 even though it probably won’t do much to keep kids away.

If they’re 12, in middle school, they have seen it all. I feel like this should be the age limit.


There would be no way to actually verify the users age. They should maybe add a “NSFW” tag or something similar if think its not suitable for certain ages.

Agreed, at least 13, similar to YouTube, but then again there are inappropriate jokes that can be made, also there may be porn on there, as did Vine

However, this would kill some content creators because of the age barrier.

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True, there needs to be a way of settling it all to make it suitable for all, if possible, and if not, most.

Age Limits can always be bypassed, a pop-up tab that says “please confirm you’re 18” didn’t stop me from watching stuff I shouldn’t have as a 13 year old. It doesn’t take a genius to click “Yes”


Kids these days barely learn this stuff from the internet, having and age restriction or a censorship wouldn’t do much as kids already learn curse words at early ages if they’re in public school lmao.

agreeing with a lot of people here, around 13 is a good age requirement because 13 year olds now usually understand profanity/adult content.

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At least 15

I think we should allow younger people. They have access to YouTube so it’s not insanely different. Kids wouldn’t be pressured to lie about their age and potentially see worse content because of it, especially if we have age restricted content on the app (there was a lot of porn floating around the original vine).
Plus if we restricted younger kids we wouldn’t get amazing vines like “hi my name is Trey I have a basketball game tomorrowwwww. I’m point guard.”

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Maybe we can have like tiers to sperate the different age groups. The content created by creators can be classified under 1 or more of the below categories. (implementing a minimum age of 12+ to join v2)

Tier 1
13-15 (pg, family friendly content)
Tier 2
16-17 (rough language, controversial topics allowed?)
Tier 3
18+ (everything that is allowed on v2 is allowed)

So for example tier 1 users can only watch pg content like family friendly stuff with no swearing/profanities. This will cause kids not to be pressured to lie about their age while they will still be able to get access to content that they find relevant and enjoyable.

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This is a good idea but personally as someone who is 13-15 I don’t wanna watch pg and family friendly content lol I think some kids are more mature to handle different content ( obviously not the nsfw stuff )


i honestly do agree with you about the level of maturity that is needed when looking back at the content that was posted on vine 1 but, i do have disagree to an extent. if you look back at many of your favorite vines how many of those are just kids being well… kids, and i believe we should keep that alive and allow kids to join V2, But then again they can always add a parental feature to V2 ( maybe work with google and apple to add some software backing to that). (But,there is no stopping them for creating a new account. )

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Hi, are you talking about my reply? If so, could you maybe suggest what you mean by more mature content? What kind of content would you like to see on v2 personally?

I said some kids are more mature and could handle different content like the profanity and controversial topics sorry if I didn’t worded that right