Should there be an age requirement to use/post on v2?

In Vine, the app was technically 17+ (As per the App Store on iOS). However, there were still a slew of people very clearly under that age posting, and a lot even became famous.

Is this something that should be more well-monitored in v2?

Should there even be an age requirement?

And if not, does that mean we need a system to filter out content that isn’t family-friendly?

EDIT : Changed “the original” to “Vine”


I think at least 13 but people always lie.


In all honesty, Its a good point but think they should just leave the age thing alone. By trying to sort out content on v2 its just going to create a huge amount of problems for the creators on and of app the app. Of course its a big choice bc lots of parents will complain, but what about the people who look younger- will an age range of maybe 12 and up get their page flagged bc they may be 12 but look like they’re ten? Of couse some people lie… But some are also telling the truth, is it our job to decide? Also, age restricting things will probably go down exactly how it did on youtube (which ended pretty bad). Sorry for the essay lol.



I definitely see what you’re saying. My concern lies in the fact that if the v2 developers decide to not put an age restriction/suggestion, they are obligated to moderate content that isn’t family-friendly, because they are openly expressing their app as such.

On the other hand, I also feel that if v2 were to be labeled “17+”, the developers would also be somewhat obligated to filter out clearly underage users.

It’s definitely a sticky situation, and in all honestly I can’t think of a good solution to this. Hopefully the developers will come up with something


It’s okay. I only say that because parents complaining and immature kids posting hate comments😬
But I guess either way people will find a way to complain

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I do think there should be an age requirement because there was a lot of vibes with curse words and that would possibly make kids say them.


I agree completely

Again I think kids will hear it anyway and the only people that’ll get mad are parents. I think there should be one but I also think maybe parents should just keep their kids off the internet

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I would say 12 years old

There’s a mandatory age restriction with every social media.

Who actually follows the rules though? There are six year olds on instagram and Twitter


i feel like its open to everyone but there are age restricted areas? idk but ~13-14


There have been age restrictions on online stuff forever but no one has ever actually enforced any of it.


Or maybe there can be a kids mode like on Netflix??


There’s literally nothing you can do to prevent this. Same thing with people under 18 watching explicit content.

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either 13 or 14 and up is good because some content could be tooo much for people underaged if content like that even shows up in this rebirth of vine. but i totally believe that there should be some restrictions for younger aged people

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i feel like v2 its going to turn out like youtube you cant post anything anymore unless is friendly content

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that would be nice but, kids may access things they shouldnt

True sometimes the internet is a bad place for a kid.

this is a great question about a problem that plagues literally every social media. interested to see how it will be tackled.

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