Should there be a rev*** button?

I came from the old vine with 800k followers, and once vine died my passion fell off and pretty much I died with vine.
One thing I saw was a lot of theme accounts spamming follow me videos with revine. Even in the beggining, Cameron, Nash, magcon boys would spam each other with follow him for a follow back vine and they would revine it, over and over. Eventually people spammed affiliate ads and that’s when things went down hill. Maybe there needs to be some restrictions on how many revines are possible? Or restrictions on theme/ fan accounts? Also longer videos I don’t think are necessary , maybe 6-15 seconds max. Vine was great for quick video access to funny videos, I don’t want to see YouTube videos on V2. I’m super excited for V2, and can’t wait to share my new ideas I’ve been waiting to post on V2. But what do you guys think? REVINE BUTTON OR NO? Why?


I think there will be a share button or else it’s hard for people to grow. It’s not like YouTube where you can search for content. You either go to the explore page or see someone share something

I Think the old like button was enough, people can go and see your likes on a different tab. A share button is crucial, but I don’t believe it should show up in your page and/or if there is a revine it should not be reversable or very limited, so it’s properly used and not spammed.

But if you had to go into someone profile to see what they shared it would serve much use. Also I’m not sure what you mean by reversable. And for all those guys who revined each other, I simply never followed them and never had that issue

Hasn’t it already been more or less confirmed since Dom said you can pretty much do that in the team feature

Revine should back for sure, but, would be great if they create something to avoid spamming!

Yes i like the idea, it can be a great option to growing up in the app, This bottom will be like the Retweet bottom?

Yes but i have a question, Where will be publish the video that the person put Revine?

The will be a lot of moderators and commands to prevent this, i think

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Ya I’d get super bored if all I see are the same V’s over and over again. Plus it would really hurt anyone who makes content and doesn’t have a big following to rev*ne all their stuff.

And I also agree that there should be a limit to how long the V can be. I think one of the main things that made v*ne so special was that people could make such great videos in such a short amount of time. I too don’t want it to become a second YouTube app :ohno:

I think it’s a good idea if we had a rev*ine button, but we have to use it responsibly

I agree :+1:t5::+1:t5:


I think we should have a revine button, along with the ability to turn off seeing revines from certain artists. Although the “like” button works, I think the revine butotn helps people grow, especially when big creators revine smaller creators content.


I would love a revine button. I watched so many Vines of other people on my profile. :slight_smile:

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Revines shouldn’t be regulated, because that’s how viners got famous so quickly. without revines, viners would struggle to gain popularity.

The revine button should work the same way as the like button, a single tap gets the thing done.

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That is a must have!

I don’t like that, Twitter has that Like tab on your profile and people can see everything. I like how YouTube & Tumblr give you an option to private or public your Like tab. Maybe a mix of the two. I don’t mind any of my Liked tweets showing up on people’s TL newsfeeds as Twitter has a pretty good algorithm and usually shows the best content but I don’t want people going thru all my likes and $&@% lol. So yeah if V2 does a mix, I’ll be happy.

Yeah, it would have to clearly say who it’s originally from

Why not may I ask? I’ve been looking for Youtube alternatives, I’ve looked at Vimeo but it’s eh. Google pretty much as a monopoly with their video sharing platform, I have faith v2 can be a true YouTube competitor. We all know Dom is talented and makes such good apps it was Twitter that shut down the project.