Should the yodeling Walmart kid make a V2 account?

I’m sure y’all have seen the video

But is it iconic enough for our precious V2?

Should we get the yodeling Walmart kid to make a V2 account?

  • Definitely :notes::notes::notes:
  • Definitely not :expressionless:

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I think everyone will have forgotten about it by then

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I think it’d be nice if he does, lol


ew no we need talent on v2 :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Everyone should be on v2 but that stuff got annoying quick so maybe he should yodel modern day songs that would be funny…

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is yodelling not considered as a talent?

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It’s preference.

Oh yea thats True :frowning:

Yesss itd be so cool if he does

Omg savage :rofl::rofl:

True it did get annoying kinda quick :sweat:

Yea that’s true :smile:

I’m with ya fam :clap: I see yodeling as a talent too

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Idk. Didn’t see it and if he wants to, why not?

Did you see the whole video? Hes actually a very good singer…

absolutely! he’s so precious and pretty damn talented!