Should OG V***rs Return?

I mean should they? They already got their fame …why come back? They just gonna be taking all the spotlight unless the playing feel would be evened out… giving small content creators with low following a chance… I’m also not saying they should be banned because they shouldn’t & that would just be dumb…

What do you guys think though?

A lot of people had input on this topic here

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yeah they totally should! plus a lot of their followers will come to v2 as well and that’ll make this app even more popular

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They can return there are no problems, I hope they wait a few months so they do not take away the whole audience

Honestly, there are a lot of mixed reactions here. Personally, I don’t feel that they need to return.

The issue is when Vine was just starting, those people were not well-known. Now a lot of them have a career they can live off of.

The same thing should happen with new people who join this project. If the old viners return, they will immediately get a large following, making it difficult for new people to grow.


I agree with @TheKingHusker , Having them return would be kind of unnecessary, Vine was a place where people would grow, And now that those viners are pretty well known, there isnt really a reason why they should return ?? But I mean, if they did return, they shouldnt be banned or anything


Exactly !!

Yes totally, they already got their due… I say it’s time for new creators to shine

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Ofcourse they shouldn’t return but if they do return they shouldn’t get the whole spotlight, new content creators should get more than them

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I really hope they do come back

With everything being subject to revival in the entertainment industry, I don’t see why the original artists wouldn’t come back for v2. They may not be as popular on v2 as they were on v2’s predecessor, but I’m sure there are people out there who want to see the original artists on v2 for the sake of nostalgia. That being said, all I care about is putting out good material.

yes please

Why should they?

Yes they can return. People here are moaning about new creators not getting a chance, but that isn’t their problem. If I was well known already, and I had a chance to further my career vs letting other entertainers become famous, I’m picking the first option, hands down. Nobody is going to limit themselves and limit their Career just because more people want to make it into the industry. This is social media too, which means that your career can literally be over in a day. If there is an app that will allow me to gain more fans and secure my career for 5 more years, then I’m taking the chance.

if you truly are an entertaining person, and you know you have what it takes, you shouldn’t need to rely on other people limiting themselves. Think of it like being in an olympic race, if someone else is faster than you and you’re running against them, you’re going to train and train and train. You aren’t going to sit around and hope that that person gives up and lets you have the win.


There was actually a really good thread with an idea to filter out old content

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personally, yes i do think OG viners should return. except the disrespectful ones. but there was A LOT of good content posted, so i hope so.:no_good_woman:

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They should.

I mean let’s say I’m not creating content. I’m the audience.
I wouldn’t wanna be on a platform without familiar faces.
Would you be on Messenger where none of your friends are or would you be on WhatsApp where all of your friends are?

Similarly, I’m gonna be on V2 so that I can watch Logan Paul, not for watching some dude repost Instagram videos.

I mean I just enjoyed them a lot.

are those links viruses?

all these go v’ers really inspired me and still are.