Should I start a Youtube channel?

Hey guys. Ok first of all just letting yall know I’m still alive. I haven’t posted anything in a while.
So I’ve been wondering. Should I start a Youtube channel? I mean it’s always been one of those things where I think about it for a bit, and then never get around to actually doing it. Well right now at this point in my life I’m bored enough to the point where I’m seriously considering it. But like, I don’t even know where to begin.
Ok so like if you could help answer these two questions that’d be great.

  1. Should I start a channel
  2. If yes, where and how do I even begin?

go for it, broski. do it because it’s fun.

the best advice i can give you is make content you’d like to watch. if it’s gaming, film a gameplay, if it’s bloody arts and crafts, upload a diy. it’s your channel, no one can tell you what to do with it.


Tell me what type of content you want to create and I may be able to help you


Ok. As vague as this sounds I know exactly what you mean.


I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do, but for now, it’s probably going to be similar to what Drew Gooden does.


If you’re doing Gaming: I would get a capturecard or if you’re on a computer or mac use OBS studio.

If you Vlog: Dont be Logan Or Jake— I mean, Record Horizontally, and when you’re starting, it’s okay to use a mobile phone. Two great apps are surprisingly iMovie (iOS), and Inshot (I think iOS and Android)

If you animate: Unfortunately, there arent that many free animation softwares, But I suggest Adobe Animate CC (Adobe animate Flash) And there are some good cheat tablets you can find on amazon.

If you make meme videos: i dunno

Reaction Videos: Die.

There are many more subjects, but
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to ALWAYS put in tags and a good thumbnail. The truth is, without those, you won’t succeed. It’s not easy to explain tags, so i would do some research,


Oh, Research, comedy, and good satire, with a hint of trigger, should get you near that level.
(Drew Gooden is my favorite youtuber)


Also, for a long period of time, maybe even 5 YEARS you may not get traction. it’s important to keep going. My channel is incredibly small and I started it in 2012 as a little kid.


Alrighty thanks bro


I’m sold- I needa see this.


First start with finding what exactly you want to do because there isn’t a one fits all strategy for YouTube

Two things: Research and analysis

Research: Check out people doing similar things. Drew Gooden and the people he collabs with, cody ko and noel miller, joe santagato, etc. By looking through their channels, it might spark a video or even a series idea in your mind

Analysis: Now, look through their channels. Look at the difference between their newest videos, and some of their older videos. Look at when they started to gain traction and why. Look at their most popular video and see why its popular. Look at the thumbnails and titles they create. ETC. All this will help you gain a better understanding

I used to have a gaming channel with around 4k subs (I quit cause gaming kinda died off), but this is something I would always do


Oh wow this sounds smart. I am enlightened. Thanks man.


rats i’m late again but what @jaydel and @lobdooks said


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Alrighty, guys. First things first. I need a username and I don’t really know what it should be. I was hoping you guys could help me out with that.


You could name your channel Paper Mason

You could also name it Mason Vlogs

Something along the lines of your creativity interests and likes

Oh man no :joy: I don’t want anything to do with “paper”. That’s for personal usernames only :joy:. Honestly idek why I have it in the first place.

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oh then Mason Vlogs ?