Should i get a windows pc or a mac

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i currently have a broken Surface Pro 6. i wanna learn how to video edit. ive heard that video editing is optimized on macs. i dont do much gaming either




If you don’t game much, get a mac. Especially if it’s a laptop.


all i really play is minecraft, but i could just install windows for gaming because i have a licence.

You can run Windows on a Mac thanks to Boot Camp, but it’s much harder to run MacOS on a PC. So if the computer is mainly going to be used for editing, Mac all the way.
I use both a PC and a Mac: my PC does the heavy graphical 3D animation part, and my Mac does the video editing part. I’m content with my flow setup this way.

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ive used boot camp sooo many times lol its great

depends if you are into web or app development I would suggest you mac. for gaming windows

I’ve been a PC guy since the beginning. :older_man:

I was a droid and windows phone guy, and finally switched to iPhone 7+ after the whole Samsung Note :fire: thing.
I’ve had one problem with my iPhone and :apple: replaced it free of charge.

I’m sorely tempted to switch from PC to Mac. :thinking:

What’s the best way to go? Is an affordable Mac even an option, or do I just need to say :money_with_wings::money_with_wings: :sob:?

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i mean they have a macbook air for 999

i do basic gaming, i can also use boot camp on mac

the problem with macbook pro is tbat they can’t handle games at higher fps as windows machines . gets heated quickly. buy a solid gaming machine like Alienware

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i mean, ive seen in personal experiences that once you install windows they’re pretty good for gaming. im thinking of getting a 16" if i get a mac, it has better cooling

I’m at the point where I don’t do that much PC gaming tbh :sob:

Most of it is mobile or console tbh.

I need a laptop that works 99% of the time.

Basically I need a Toyota, not a hot rod.

I’m tired of the crashes, and the we’re updating your PC (even though you said not to) for the next hour when you are desperately trying to get stuff done.


mac Is better at this lol.

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That and the malware/viruses/ransom ware used to be not even a problem for them. Not sure if that’s still true.

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I mean there is Mac malware but not as much

The playing field for editing (at least in my eyes) has been leveled a bit over the last few generations. I use Premiere, though I’m super new to it, and it seems pretty much the same across Mac and Windows.

In the end it’s personal preference, but (in my experience) if you’re not into gaming (or want light gaming), and want a fantastic out-of-the-box experience, the Mac is a good option, but you’ll pay more for it. If you want to tinker more and potentially get more bang for your buck, go for a PC.

Maybe try making a Pros / Cons list for each and really get an idea of the ups / downs of each. That always helps me in these situations :smile:.


The Mac will be more user friendly and easier to learn. The PC will give you more control for the trade-off of requiring you to be not technically knowledgeable. So, it depends on you and what you need.

If the editing isn’t too complex, though, it won’t make a big difference either way.

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Mac no question

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I’m currently learning on a Mac, and it’s lovely. I can’t really compare though since I’ve never worked on a pc. I’m sure it will be fun times either way!

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