Should I create a TikTok for the Sake of Promoting Byte?

Yes :grinning:

@Adrioxas I wouldn’t go to the dark side :blush:

honestly i’m surprised byte has created a tik tok page to promote it’s app. Even other social media apps cross promote with each others pages.

@plushbeats actually that’s not a bad idea - like a best of or similar to spotlights

@Pac, u want to be the ambassador to this endeavor? :joy::joy::joy: I’ve been trying to get PAC to download that Chinese spyware since I’ve known him :joy:


The scary part to this — I’ll be attached and forget about the spyware so I’m avoiding at all cost… (maybe one day I will create) :sweat_smile:

I would managed another account on TikTok to run campaigns for them but I would want to get paid - it’s a lot of work managing accounts cause I help another company do it

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I think i might just take advantage of the stories in Instagram, Facebook , youtube, and the Snaps to promote

Reddit is also good

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Lol, you’ll manage my profile :stuck_out_tongue::eyes:

I usually associate reddit with funny stories that happen to people or like surveys. is it like a forum or something?

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Yeah, something like that – a community per say. You’ll have a greater reach for particular audience/demographic. More exposure!!!

I recall seeing an account on there that post all the popular vines compilations

But they should post popular ones from here to over there - promotion with lots of visibility- did u know that TikTok gets 60% of active users number to what IG gets - IG is the leader right now but TT is catching them.

I’m getting tired of IG as well :sweat_smile: TT to the top :top::top::top: we need that

Tok of the town:

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@Pac are u a fan of Wayne Brady? The black comedian?

He did a live show on TikTok last night with his family and all donation goes to the covid relief - that guy is so cool and I feel in love with his family


why not? Twitter and Instagram do it to each other lol.

So wait, does ByteDance have any connection to the Byte App?

No - ByteDance is a Chinese company

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No :sob: - ByteDance is totally separate (@HenryAndEmma answered)

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Yes, and I’ll watch his videos repost online lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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