Should camera roll uploads be apart of v2?

I liked the upload from camera roll feature. A lot of artistic content kind of requires that feature or at least makes creating that content easier.


uhhh yes it absolutely should


I think we should be able to upload our videos from the camera roll!


haha yes, i do

Yea if you don’t you can’t make really edits or use real editing software. It would have to be a size limit for time but yea.

I do think so because it would be easier for editors to upload and bring the best in 6 second videos.

I’m torn because it’s an art in itself to be able to capture something raw in 6/7 seconds. But I definitely see the need for upload capabilities.

Dom confirmed it would be a thing here: Importing edited videos to V2


I absolutely would like to upload from camera roll. Too many vids were “almost good” but were not captured in-app.
I also encourage “all-natural” recorded vids to be hashtagged as such so we can give respect to artists working on the fly!


This was already answered. YES

We definitely need to be able to upload from the camera roll. A lot of people like to edit their vids on their computers, add special effects, and be really meticulous about their videos before sharing them

Is there any place on the forums here that actually explains and confirms what the app is going to be? Because I’ve been searching and so far I haven’t found anything about 6/7 second videos.

To upload from a camera roll would be a great feature, since people like me would rather record with a camera (i.e dslr), and it would be nice to edit the video before posting it.

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That sounds like a good idea, but would probably get flooded, much like all of the #nofilter hashtags on IG. We all know theyre lying, but it would be interesting to see a hashtag that automatically gets applied if you film in-app.

I agree!

I love the “Upload from camera roll” feature. Yes it’s nice to see raw skill with the built in camera app but, what can you bring to the table from an outside editing source?

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Uploading from the camera roll would make things easier for different types of creators for example musicians

I hope there is an upload camera roll.

Hopefully the feature would accomodate with the user’s camera capabilities

I hope so I would love that

Definitely, how would editors post?