Should byte go 30 secs

should the byte app go to 30 secs now that Reels is up to that now

No. It should go to thirty seconds if that’s what makes the business sustainable and what makes it grow.


I would prefer a pros and cons list as opposed to “maybe they should because someone else did”.

I don’t see a need right now. Sketches are fine where they are. The kids don’t need it to lip sync longer, the vlog posts don’t need additional time.

My question is who is asking for 30 seconds and after I know who is asking I want to know why they think they want it. I’d love to hear some reasons but I don’t think any of them will make a good argument for the change.


Sometimes users don’t know what they want.

An example is when people get stuck in traffic they ask government to build more lanes for cars so they can go faster. However, adding lanes actually increases traffic because more people start driving instead of biking or taking a train. Pretty counter intuitive. Fun stuff

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Byte cannot compete with tiktok, it’s niche is the time restraint. I used to support lengthening the time, but tbh it’s the only thing we have.


I’m done playing catch up with tiktok, we need something different, something new, something that will make byte different.


I would like 30 seconds, 16 is just too limiting for some people, look at it this way, more time could bring an audience of people that wouldn’t be able to upload their content because they need more than 16 secs.

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That sounds like becoming another dumping ground for someone’s video rather than being the primary place they create for

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i wanna make a series of bytes where i talk about things, but sometimes 16 is literally not enough to talk about what i wanna talk about. i need the extra time to talk because i don’t feel like posting two bytes.

and the little bytes i make sometimes i just need more time for a song in it😰

also multiple people i’ve talked to say 16 isn’t really enough anymore

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at this point I will take any update. big or small. something that I actually wanted or didnt. I don’t care. I want more toys to play with on byte