Short-lived Vine left long-lasting impression

Yet another amazing piece :sneezing_face:


“Eric Dunn joined Vine when he was in college; within four months of his first post, he had 1 million followers. He became one the platform’s early stars, producing hundreds of comedy videos and establishing a foundation for a career in entertainment.”

It took Eric 4 months to gain 1m followers (early star), do you believe the next 2 - 3 months the app will finally takeoff :eyes: (late spring or summer may be the jackpot)

Interesting quotes I’ve come across the article.

“…People just forgot about Vine and moved to TikTok,” said Messiah Agurs, another former Vine user who has been experimenting with Byte.

Is it actually true people forgot about vine and moved to TT? (assuming, excluding Youtube & Insta…)

“I guarantee when Byte starts to pay creators, everyone will instantly move to the app,” Agurs said.

Dump your thoughts whether or not you believe it’ll bring traffic once byte starts paying creators


Exciting and interesting and a good read


Took about 6 months for vine to become huge and Byte isn’t even released globally yet so I’m guessing probably a year from now we will be looking at bigger numbers :eyes:


Meanwhile, byte made history for topping vine downloads in the first week. I want to see where the app will be in the next few months from now.


Great read and find! You must be like me where you’re constantly reading up on this stuff to see the direction it all is going. I think it is important to just create, have fun with it, and be part of Byte’s beacon. You’re bound to make some gems, friends, and progress along the way. I believe in this journey. Kind of a gut feeling and a trust that Dom knows what he is doing here. Thank you for the find!


Same I just find byte to be in a weird place right now because a lot of stigma that’s stuck to it :confused: like for instance we can all agree Byte isn’t Vine Byte is Byte however we alway go back to comparing them lots of the people who originally came lost hype because of high expectations and low motivation and hoping for overnight success (plus although rebyte for rebyte is more or less gone now it was very relevant when the app was lively so people going into this solo got a weird first taste of byte) but so far I’ve been bullet journaling Bytes post launch journey and there hasn’t been 1 week with no changes or nothing new so it’s just taking it one thing at a time like personally I can’t wait to see where we’ll even be next week!!


I think there’s a definitive divide in the history of social media of what the landscape was like before Vine and after it. It was a relatively small, “failed” platform that had a huge impact on…really what it is to be creative online. There was other stuff that was happening at the time that also needs to be put into consideration, but it was a big part of a change of the creative landscape where being a “content creator” was an actual career and creative path.

I think articles like to put things in this neat little box of “trends” - my feelings is that a lot of the vine stars disseminated into diversity of outlets depending on where their talents lie, their level of patience, and where the monetization is.


I’m attached and I camp on the news page, and I’m watching the app grows as journalist free-market byte :love_you_gesture:t4: Potion discovery, exposure, and a boost of app engagement


Same, witnessing the app growing in the next few weeks or months, but lucky you’ve been here since beta stage – you’ve witnessed major changes and engagement :handshake: this is just the warm-up, the journey hasn’t begun the time is near :star2:


after all byte is slowing booming