Short Hiatus

Okay this is could be pretty coincidental but I am going to have to take a hiatus. Byte is awesome and I love that I can make whatever I want and just have a grand time. I will be moving from my current living space into a move healthy one. Recently I’ve been dealing someone who has attempted to harm both their wife and I , making their problems everyone else’s problem and I’m just not interested in dealing with that. I am more than capable of defending myself if need be but I more often than not prefer the pacifist route. So you won’t see my mug outside of your mix because I’ll be too busy for next couple of days ahead. Thank you byte community for being awesome and I’ll see you guys later! :heart: Keep making great content and having fun!


Stay safe, Miso, and take care

take care and see you soon!

i thought this said short notice and that you were announcing that you were short …