Sharing Content with our lovely community #V2Love

Let’s share some of our own content from Instagram/YouTube with this amazing community and give eachother some good feedback or just showing your love with #V2Love to let them know we are there for them :heart:

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I post somes pics on my instagram :instagram: @thomybalca What about u?

I do too @wopwopkross, didn’t feel like saying it in the main post because it wasn’t to get followers for myself, if I would have said it in the main post it could have come off as if I was trying to use this Community.

Nice bro :wink:

I’m so hyped !!! Now I’m trying to figure out how to get certified badge

How do you get it? :thinking:

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Click your profile pic; then go to your discobot; from there it will have an email you must read ; follow instructions ; (tuturiol) once you reply back or do what the bot says do in the email , the discobot will send you multiple emails telling you your doing great ; once done , you will receive your certificate ! (Hope this helped ) make sure you share!

Got it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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