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I really like stories from people’s lives…so
Tell me a story…something from childhood, or something wild that happened to you…anything really.

Go on! :pleading_face:


On the day of the full solar eclipse in September? Of 2017 a few friends and I (all in our 2nd year of college) skipped classes and drove a little north of Athens, GA to see it in the mountains where it would be a complete eclipse. It was epic and we didn’t even need the glasses for like a full minute of it. Well afterwards we decided to head to Helen, GA nearby (a German town in Georgia with lots of tourist stuff) and one of my friends and I saw a tattoo shop and we both decided to get matching eclipse tattoos…that day. She was actually also sick with a mild fever and on cold medicine so maybe not the best decision making lmao. But we found a place, made an appointment, waited an hour, and she got hers on her ribs and I got mine on my hip. It was my first ever tattoo and it took like 30 minutes and tbh needs to be touched up. But it’s a day ill never forget now and probably one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done. And I look forward to getting more and better tattoos someday lol. Also my parents to this day still have no clue.


That’s pretty neat. I lived in Tennessee during that eclipse and watched it as well.
It was definitely pretty cool.

And my dad didn’t know about my tattoos until I got the one on my chest, then he was reaaaaal unhappy. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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When I was a child, Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, mocked me at a book signing.
So, here’s the thing- I’m not super big into the books, but I’ve read them. My big sibling, on the other hand, is a MASSIVE fan, and insists I come along so that she can get double the number of books signed. Cheating the system, but ah well.
So, I’m about 7, right. I have ADHD, and I don’t do the whole sitting still thing well, so I’m probably bouncing up and down a little. I insisted on being up the front, because I was just that kind of kid. So, you have this platinum blonde little ball of energy, sitting mainly cross legged, at a book signing meant for children a little older than me.
Out comes Brian Jacques from a behind a bookcase. He reads a bit of his book. Fine. I’m starting to lose attention but I can’t go anywhere. He answered some question from some children. Fine. I can no longer sit still, so I move from being cross legged to sitting with my knees pulled in to my chest.
Then he tells a joke. I’m not sure what sort of joke, but I do know that I found it funny. Funny enough that I completely lost it. We’re talking tears streaming laughing, rock back and forth. That kind of thing.
And nobody else in the bookstore seemed to think the joke was that funny. So the staring began. He looked at me for a couple of seconds, then imitated my rocking motion and my laughter. Everybody else found THAT devastatingly funny, of course, but I wanted to die at the time.
But I couldn’t, and I couldn’t go anywhere because I was 7 and we hadn’t had our books signed yet. So, book signing time comes, we get into the line. Wait our turn. Eventually it’s ours. He leans down, making sure to make eye contact, and winks and me, and asks for my name. I tell him, petulantly, glaring my best glare. I’m seven. It’s not terrifying. But he humours me, nods seriously at my name, and signs both the books I had him. With my name. They’re my sister’s books. She still has them somewhere.


Aye the mocking thing makes me uncomfortable.
Especially since it’s an adult mocking a kid in such a blatant and rude way. :weary:

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okay okay, so this one time, in band camp…

I hope you get this reference


I do get it.
I played the flute so everyone always chirps this back at me when they find that out. :joy::joy::woozy_face::woozy_face:


I went to band camp for 4 years in high school lmao I’ve heard that countless times😅


Okay, I’ll share a story too…I feel odd not doing so.
Gimme a few. It’s gonna take a good sec.


I did marching band (clarinet) for three years, and winter percussion (synth) for one…


I shared this with the discord I’m in a few days ago, but I’ll share it here cause it makes me giggle.
So I was sitting on my porch, and looking at the street light (don’t know why…I space out a lot) and I have astigmatism so the lights just look…extra shiny (idk how else to describe that).
Anyway, that made me think about how all the way up until I was like…11…I had no clue what glasses were for or why people wore them…or that I needed them. I figured that everyone had to get like 5 inches from whatever they wanted to read to see it.
It wasn’t until we were at a Dairy Queen when we were on our way to…idk where…and my dad asked what I wanted and I just stood there.
He says “Allison…come on. What do you want?”
And I’m like “dad idk.”
He says “look at the damn menu”
And I sit there for a minute staring at what I assume is the menu board up on the wall behind the counter…and he says “holy shit Allison…what do you want” (it’s been like 5 minutes I’ve been standing here now, there’s a line behind us)…
I started to panic and I finally said “dad I don’t know I can’t see the menu!”
And he’s like “wait are you serious?”
Yea dad…I am.
He orders for me, gets the food, get back in the car…he’s like “how long have you not been able to see?”
I was like…idk forever?
Fast forward a week or two…I get glasses and I’m like holy fuck this is what these things are for?!

And that’s the story of how I figured out what glasses were for.


Hahaha wow yeah I got glasses at 12 when I had to sit at the front of class all the time to see the white board. Got braces at the same time🙃 seeing every blade of grass was mind blowing


You aren’t kidding. :joy: I was like…damn! The definition…

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On the second month of my first semester in university, I went down to a fast lane trampoline center with the water sports society since I was a friend of one of the members. It was actually closed for the day but the society were allowed to go in for about two hours. So of course, after paying fees, we went on the trampolines and had a bunch of fun. We even took a group picture. After we took the picture, I threw a bouncy ball at my friend. He chased me round the trampolines and this happened for a few seconds until I jumped at a weird angle on the trampoline which made my knee fly up into my chin.

I was on the floor dazed. When I got up, my friend told me I was fine…then he saw the blood. I rushed to the bathroom and found that I had knocked out my lower incisor straight from my mouth. I had a lot of tissue to support me that night. One of my other friends actually found the tooth and ecstatically asked me “hey, Demi, can I keep the tooth!?” (of course, I said no). After going to the GP and refusing to stay at the hospital overnight for 12 hours, I went back to my place and woke up to blood on my pillow. Man, my mum was not happy when I told her any of this. The local dentist tried to help fit my tooth back in. Later that day, I was brought into the hospital.

There, they helped secure the tooth better. They also told me that I had broken my jaw and I was gonna need a metal plate. So of course, after surgery, I ended up with a plate in my jaw (no, I cannot feel it). For six weeks, I had metal bolts in my mouth with elastic bands that I had to keep on to regulate my mouth. During this period, I could not eat ANY solid food. Yoghurt and soup for weeks on end. The occasional chocolate square had to melt in mouth. And pizza was a nightmare. I couldn’t even eat anything on my birthday. Eventually, the bolts got removed about two weeks before Christmas and I had a celebratory meal from the local Chinese restaurant.

Nowadays, I’m more cautious with my jaw. I’d still go back to the trampoline place though.


Same. :wave:


here’s a short story

almost a year ago, the first wave of beta testers were chosen and dom tweeted this beautiful tweet

a simpler time.


Here is an embarrassing story, you may get a kick out of this. In elementary school, I told my schoolmates I kissed Frankie Muniz. (Malcom in the Middle was a popular show at the time, and they filmed the show near my city)

For the life of me, I don’t know why on earth I would say such an outrageous thing, but I did. I think I wanted to look cool because I was a bit of an outcast. So I tell these semi close friends I’ve kissed Frankie Muniz. Of course they asked me for the story, at this point I could of said just kidding, but no I decided to lean fully into this ridiculous lie…

I could of said we met at summer camp or something, but no, I was not so bright. Instead, I tell them that I am going to be in the show! On screen kissing him. They were rightfully skeptical, as I never had an acting career whatsoever.

It taught me a lesson of don’t lie, especially about really dumb stuff. It makes you look the opposite of cool, and no one believed I kissed Frankie Muniz anyways in the end :joy:


I love all of these so much.

Back when I was just a little, bitty boy, living in a box under the stairs in the corner of the basement of the house half a block down the street from Jerry’s Bait Shop (you know the place)… Well, anyway, life was going swell and everything was just peachy, except of course for the undeniable fact that every single morning, my mother would make me a big old bowl of sauerkraut for breakfast…

Okay, sorry, that’s from a song. I just wanted a bit of filler while I tried to figure out a fun story to tell, which I’m still doing, as I can’t seem to thi- ah! Got one.

So, in the land of me working at my job (for which I am currently still employed but have not been there for approximately a month now) I was in the office on this particular day when one of the other members of management came in, shaking his head.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“The weirdest thing,” he proceeded to tell me. “This lady came up and asked if I could call the police for her.”

“… why?”

“She claims there’s a drug deal happening, right on the corner.”

I paused for a moment. “What made her think there was a drug deal happening…?”

He proceeded to tell me that, according to this random lady, there were several people congregated on a specific corner of the shopping center. This corner happened to contain plenty of tree cover, but its main attraction was the gazebo semi-hidden among the trees. Apparently there were people standing at the gazebo, but there were also cars set right in front of the gazebo area, in which other people were sitting.

(Take note: this particular part of the lot was in the back portion, the front of which sat in front of an independently-owned soccer supply shop. So anyone being in that area, much less a crowd of them, was odd.)

It took a moment, but then the penny dropped: “This is the gazebo toward the back?” I asked.

“Yeah,” my colleague replied.

I had to laugh. “Those aren’t drug dealers,” I chuckled. “Those are nerds.”

Earlier that week, Pokemon GO had introduced Legendary Raids. The gazebo was a marked gym in the game. What the lady ultimately witnessed was a group of PoGO players, gathering at the gazebo, battling imaginary creatures, so as to earn the chance to catch said imaginary creature after.

The moral of the story: my trainer code is 4022 8659 6852, so feel free - to anyone reading this - to add me in the game! #longlivebidoof


I also told this story to the discord earlier today, but it’s work related so I must.
So when I first moved back to Illinois (because I accepted a position with my current company) I had a few months before I started, so I took a job at this gas station.
Anyway, one night, I got stuck on the midnight shift. Das fine.
All was cool.
Sometime shortly after 11pm some dude comes in, looking a bit nervous and kinda sweaty.
He comes to the counter and he says “Hey you guys got a bandaid I can get?”
”Yea but why?”
“I need one…”
So I grab this man a bandaid and as I’m getting it and turning around to give it to him I say “Are you okay man?”
He says “oh this dude outside cut off the tip of his finger.” (Think from knuckle up)
All my composure goes out the window.
I squeak out ”bro a bandaid won’t help that…”
He just takes the bandaid and walks out.

I’m still trying to pick up my dignity and any comprehension of how a fucking bandaid would aide this situation…and my brain finally kicks back into gear and it says
aye Allison, you dumb dumb, maybe you should call the cops or an ambulance, ya know?
So I do just that.
Cops show up. They are out there assisting this dude.
Finally one comes in and says he needs ice. He gets the ice, and as he’s walking out he holds this bag up and he’s like “don’t worry, we found his finger
…and he casually strolls out as if this is just…normal.