Shadow-banning and Censored content

User @SteveDevastator has seen a drop off in some of his posts that contain him firing guns at a local range and has been concerned that he is been shadow band/censored. A few of us mentioned it could be just low engagement/posting times but I wanted to bring it up here just in case.

I have known Steve for a number of years. He’s a first responder. A truly stand up guy, very creative, good community member.


I have no idea if there are shadow bans on Byte, Dom is fairly transparent about how the algorithms work on the app.

Personally, I don’t enjoy videos of people shooting guns, so, I don’t engage with them, I just keep scrolling.

It’s more likely that there aren’t a lot of people on Byte right now who enjoy videos of people shooting guns, and that’s why he’s not getting the likes he’s expecting. But, TBH, that’s true for nearly everyone on Byte right now as engagement has dropped off quite a bit over the past month.


I told him it’s probably more to do with engagement tbh


Thank you for the insight. Its possible i could have been reported also. Just wasnt sure


Thanks Onkel. I have been having trouble ising this forum in my current browser. Thanks for the help man.

Yea, that may be possible, too, and if so, the algorithm may limit viewing of the video. I noticed there is a “Sale and promotion of firearms” option in the reporting tool. I’ve only reported 2 videos on Byte so far, both were porn.


Its likely a combination of low engagement and possible reports against the post. Personally I’d never think people would report a simple gunfire video but then again, everyone is different.


As a creator, I would love to know if I’m shadowbanned, censored etc.

I’m guessing I’m shadowbanned on Instagram as I’ve got 300 solid followers over there, and only getting 5 or so likes a post now. I’ve spoken with some of them, and they said they never see my stuff when I post.

I’m personally of the opinion that if I’m doing something wrong, using a banned hashtag, etc. let me know either before I post (in the case of hashtags) or let me know when (not by who) and why I am being reported/banned.


I would report that also, mostly due to the legality of it, although i do consider porn as a medium for art. The context of the pornography is up for debate though. Obviously some porn is unacceptable and illegal, and rightly should be.

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I do suppose, people do not like them and would report them instead of just scrolling on. Its fine, it is their right to do so, and i support it. I just wish they would tell me if that were the case.

This is the root of the question, if this is or were to be happening, they should notify the content creator of the infraction. This stealth stuff, if it is happening, is an inappropriate method and should be brought to light. Censorship without proper transparency is a serious concern.

I scroll past gun content unless it’s a mature adult with proper handling skills. 99 percent of people don’t make me comfortable waving their guns around online.

It does seem to be getting more responsive to my preferences as I scroll. I may never see someone with heavy gun content.


Yea, I’m not a puritan either, porn has been around since cameras were invented, and I’d prefer to see that over violence. But I know it’s not allowed on the app, and there are other sites where that kind of content is more appropriate, so I reported it.


Yeah, i totally agree on responsibility with firearms. Its of paramount importance and should be called out if weapons are not handled correctly. My video was shot at the range under controlled conditions.

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Roger that. I would have also most likely. I can see your position and commend you for it.