Shade of gray in usernames

when scrolling through a thread, I can’t help but notice that some usernames are displayed in a darker gray than others. is this random or does it correlate to something else?


i have noticed this on occasion too actually

I actually havent noticed :disappointed_relieved:

I thought it was because of the amount of time spent on the site, but some people that were here for 4h have usernames that are jet black, while others that have been here for the same amount of time have usernames that are extremely light

You also have your name a little darker , just noticed

I’m thinking maybe the darkness level has something to do with “read-time” vs just existing on the site?

i concur wit it

I was using the default interface option, and when I changed it to dark mode, it still exists. I don’t have a problem with this at all, it’s interesting, just curious as to why it happens

mine is light af

9min read time too :wink:

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im at 1 hr woop

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After trying to find people with different shades of usernames, there’s less variety than I thought. There’s two shades, a dark gray and a light gray. A common theme between users that were light gray was that they didn’t have the “basic” badge. I think getting that badge is what makes your username’s color change

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I’m at 3h :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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I haven’t noticed the different shades but I would assume that they represent status of some sort like maybe if you have a certain badge or something.

Whatt color is my name

this software is new to me too, but it’s most likely related to your trust level. every account on this site has a trust level, which will go up organically based on a mixture of: reading posts, participating in posts, and being on the forum for a period of time. there are currently three trust levels: 0, 1, and 2. staff is trust level 4. trust level 3 is disabled for now.


Sweet! Thanks for the explanation.

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i’m on mobile and they all look the same…i’m guessing this is a computer only feature?

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