Set goals that fans can view

What if there was a way to view an artists goals for there profile.
ex. 500 Followers

Maybe for that goal there can be something special the artists can do for the fans once its reached. This could help the artists gain exposure and make things a little more interactive for the fans

Thanks to @insane giving more a clear example. Goals like Shave eyebrows, shave head, get waxed etc. A way for fans to interacting with there favorite artists.


@LoganGDJ Great idea!! What do you think the artists can do for the fans whan they reach a goal? Will it be something they can do through the app, or something they should arrange by themselves? :slight_smile:

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That I am not too sure at the moment, I feel it would be something the artist can do outside the app like a giveaway or a special video thanking each donor. When it comes to artists doing something for fans in the app I cant think of anything at the moment, but if anyone has any ideas please feel free to reply. slight_smile:

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I love this idea. A checklist but automatic and other people can see it.
My goal ‘x’ amount of followers or likes etc. And then what you will Shave eyebrows (that’s what I would do if I ever got close to a lot of followers


YES! Simple stuff like that eg. Shave eyebrows, shave head, do some funny challenge. Things you can do that can keep the fans involved!


nice idea! would probably suggest just putting it in the description if it wasn’t implemented tho.

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Oh hell nooo I ain’t gonna be shaving anything for my followers! :rofl:

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I like this idea, mine wouldn’t be anything as drastic as them though :laughing:

@Marko Well, if it starts going well for me, at 50,000 (a bit of a stretch really) me and two of my friends will have our eyebrows shaved. Still, extremely unlikely. =)

Nice idea