[Serious] {repost} Looking to build the biggest and first v2 creators team

Hey everyone, its the Rayhart Twins.

So we’re sure a lot of you have heard about the new v2 team feature.

Now we’re still not entirely sure how this works yet but we think we have a generally good understanding and we want to start building a team. A real one. We are looking to start one of the first big team/groups of v2 and we are looking for serious content creators that are interested. If you are doing it casually and just for fun here and there that’s awesome! But we want to build a team page for the dedicated v2 creators looking to go above and beyond the platform (while also having fun of course.) If you are interested please DM us on Twitter or Instagram with some of your work/videos or if you are interested!

You can contact us at: hello@rayharttwins.com
Our handles are @RobertRayhart or @BlakeRayhart on Instagram & Twitter.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Edit: Please DM us on Social Media or email us if you want to be apart of this! Replying on here will not work! We need to add you to the group chat.


If you do v2 for fun and it’s your passion you will be dedicated.


Just shot you an email, looking forward for your reply