Separate pages coming together

Hey everyone. I wanted to make a post about the new changes. First off I love them. Your mix taking over is needed. The only thing(s) I have a slight problem with are the two separate tabs for following and your mix. I would like to see them become one page. This will still allow users to be directed to content suited for them, while allowing them to see what their followed users are posting. I fear if we keep the tabs separate, we could lose a lot of engagement, posts might not be seen by followers, and videos would become too hit or miss like users of TikTok experience. Above, I have a very basic picture of how it could roughly look. Basically it’s just a button at the top of your home page that allows you to go right into your mix. (Then defaults back to posts of who you follow after you close out) :slightly_smiling_face: All posts under the one at the top of the home page will be without the button. I’m sure @dom would mess with the aesthetic a bit, (because I know it’s taking up a bit of space), but this would likely lead to a better outcome and more consistency throughout the app. Hope you all like it! Have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:


Aye, it’s Apollo

Haha yeah man :joy: that’s me. Hopefully you like the idea

good news: we will probably experiment with bringing following posts into your mix. :slight_smile:

but i want to point out that the algorithm doesn’t work the way it’s described here. it is not the same as tiktok’s algorithm and is not inherently hit based. it is based on audience building, which means if you’ve made a consistent good set of bytes and someone discovers one of yours, it’s very likely they’ll discover and see more of them on an ongoing basis

now if you only have one good byte, the algorithm also accounts for that. so it’s only hit driven if you’re hit driven

we also don’t default to one tab over the other. it just loads the one you last left off on, unless you’re not following anyone in which case it will default to your mix


Dom is active today :slightly_smiling_face: (I actually like this emoji :slightly_smiling_face:)


Aw. I in no way meant to mislead. I’m very sorry. Just from personal references, i don’t believe people will switch over much from the mix side to the following. I won’t comment on it any further. I trust what you’ll do. Just wanted to voice my opinion and I know you heard it. Thank you for being so interactive and awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think this is a great idea!


no need to apologize, it’s a good suggestion. i just wanted to be clear about how the algorithm works when it’s all so new :slight_smile:


Wow… well I am uploading everyday (technically)

even weekends? I mean u gotta take a break to come up with ideas at some point! :sweat_smile:

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Nope! Not even weekends, I exclude weekends now like @Alexjakobz FOLLOW HIM BTW!

And thank you for your concerns about me not pushing myself to big limits! :slight_smile:


np and you know I follow Alex all day!