Sensitive Subject: Old Viners

Not the one’s you’re thinking of, though…haha!

*No, not those either. *

I’m talking about the people who when Vine ended, they lost their entire platform. They’re not killing it on TikTok or Instagram, they don’t have killer YouTube pages, BUT they are GENIUSES. You know who I’m talking about.

My favorite parts/videos of Vine never showed up at the top of the funny section of the app. There were so many genuinely hilarious people on the app getting likes in the 1000s that should have been in the millions, but they didn’t get the exposure they needed.

I think we should, as a community, seek out and invite THOSE Viners here to Byte. We already have many of those amazing people on the app! Some of my favorites were Victor Pope Jr. and RexTestarossa and I’m so happy they’re making Bytes!

Who’s NOT on here though?

Comment there name down below and then we can go spam them on their Instas or TikToks. They’ll bring their talent, yes. And they’re audience!


I’ll start…Ben Cahn

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It could work but it might also backfire. I’ll say that if I received a bunch of comments for another app, I’d consider it spam and delete them and ban the accounts. My suggestion would be to personal each comment if you’re going to.


Very good point. I’m thinking sliding into DMs with heartfelt pleas about why you like that persons stuff and wanna see more. If they get enough of those, I’m sure it would mean something! Spam is not the best choice of words. Ha!


I was able to get Sunny Mabry, Vincent Marcus and Nicholas Megalis on Byte, but Sunny is the only one who is still around, and she’s also now a partner. Nicholas registered an account but has never used it.

It’s going to be hard to attract popular, former Viners because activity on the app is extremely low right now. A number of them did come to Byte — such as Derek BigCat, Trench, Eh Bee family, Pinot, and a few others I can’t remember. But they stopped posting months ago as activity started to die down. So it’s going to be a tough sell right now.


Ben’s brother Sam is on the app (and he’s awesome)


That’s awesome!! I’d say especially for the one’s you listed, who have “made it big” in one way or another, there’s less motivation, but I’m thinking of viners you liked but who might not have been as popular. Another example would be like Ben Talley.

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Oh! I didn’t realize they were brothers!! Cool!!!

Agreed. There was a tremendous amount of activity in the beginning and now it seems like very few are left. There is alot of competition out there. Some are putting more time into the other apps with more users, I really hope byte can somehow grasp their attention. Mabye not for you all but for me i am lucky to get a follower once a week at the moment.


I mostly followed artsy people that posted edits of their art, travels, or nature. And I don’t remember any of their names. But here are some people I do remember (they were popular though):

Casey Frey
Christian Leave
Matthew DeHoff
Andrew Marbach
Nick Colletti and Getter
Cornib Bleau
Tasia Alexis
Drew Phillips
Alex James
Not Even Emily
Matt Post
Lauren Lavoie
Tia Valentine
Patrick William Charlton
Liane V
Ollie MN
Jessi Smiles
Josh Kwondike
Megan McCarthy
Christoph Powers
Finn Wolfhard
Dan Nampaikid
Brandon Calvillo
Alex Holtti
Parker Kit Hill
David Lopez
Robby Ayala
Alex Ernst
Cody Johns and Marcus Johns
Drew Gooden, Kody Co, Danny Gonzalez
Darius Benson
Bill Stiteler
Tom Harlock
Kurtis Conner
Jack Dail
Mighty Duck
Aaron Doh
Even Breen
Alex Ramos
Darren Black
Hardstop Lucas
Gary Rojas
Kenny Knox
Emmanuel Hudson
John Kennedy and Lucas Ovalle


David Dobrik?
Jason Nash too.
Vlog Squad?
Alex Ernst is pretty quiet on his own channel on YT.
Scotty Sire has done a promo for Oevo where he remade his vines with his brother for the app.
Sorry for pushing my luck here but I figured I’d just mention them :laughing:


Heath Wilcock
Bill Stiteler
Matt Post
Ben Taylor
Ben Cahn


Lunar Mayor
Conner O’malley
Dingleberry museum
Simply Silvio

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Highkey miss Gary Rojas


Ayitspnayo (Nathan Enick)

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Gary Rojas is a great example! He’s hilarious, he’s well known, but he’s only got like 4k followers on Instagram and views in the 1000s for YouTube. I’m sure he’s missing Vine now! That’s not to insult him at all! It’s just that there’s a degree of motivation to make content on a new platform!

This is an AWESOME list! Exactly!!

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I love the way you think my guy. And correct me if im wrong but I think the community tried something like this awhile back and couldn’t quite convince big viners to come to byte due to a range of issues (names already taken, criticism from manipulating the vine algorithm, etc). I thought the byte community came to a consensus where we had to be the ones to blow the app up and wait for Doms marketing strategy to build momentum. I’d love to see this app take off, I’m just not sure if spamming may be the way to go. Maybe we can all build a marketing strategy out ourselves?


thejasminator made a byte account! But she has also seemingly left

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