Selling My Soul to The Dark Lords (Disney)

Its hard to escape with them everywhere and every corner you turn, feasting off your hunger for more entertainment. A strong monopoly they are but yet they are convincing… for so long I was safe from the dark lord M. Mouse, I ended up taking my temptations elsewhere, not to feed myself to it… but now, an offer has come up that I can’t refuse…


At first, i thought i would be able to defeat it. Antagonizing it was with their new shows and movies with the possibility of looking more high of budget than Netflix… but why need that? Hell I havent even watched stranger things after being told to millions of times. I can take it… can i?

Thats when it grabbed me. It caught my eye, a disgusting act of nature… “Disney+ will release every tv show and movie made by Disney”. … my heart sank, then it sang, looking at what it had to offer, those antagonizing fucking offers…

M. Mouse: Look what we have, boy. Your soul is hungry for nostalgia in this trying time. Look at it!

Wait youre… releasing the Atlantis sequel that was meant to be a start of a tv show? No one even remembers that… you’re… very dedicated to this…

M. Mouse: *that isnt all, boy. Look at this. Don’t you remember this, deep down in your childhood?


Yes I… I do… but this was a released to dvd sequel! There is no way you care about those!

M. Mouse: *oho, boy. We know what the people want, even if its terrible. Even if it made scrap for us. They only want that sweet nostalgic juices. LOOK AT IT BOY!


The Lilo and Stitch tv series! I-i thought you were just releasing the movies. This is… this is a…

M. Mouse: say it…

An amazing offer… but there is no way you have the best of the best. Why would you sell yourself like tha- you have Kim Possible?!

M. Mouse: you bet your wallet we do. Every episode of this fantastic series is allll for you…

… i-… no. No! You wont fool me into buying into your monopoly! I don’t trust a single bit of it! Yeah you might have all your movies, your tv shows, your best things, but that doesnt sell me on anything! If you were true to yourself, youd be showing EVERYTHING! EVEN THE WORST THING IN YOUR HISTORY, MR MOUSE, AND YOU WONT DAAAARE TO SHOW THAT WOULD Y-

M. Mouse: no, its there too.

Oh my god… you… you put it there… i cant believe you…

As i walked hand in hand with Mr M Mouse, I realized what I’ve done. The monster has convinced me to join him, to give him everything that I have. Pray for me brothers as i bow to the dark lord.


The dark lord you know and hate to love


You keep saying its bad but keep convincing yourself its a good thing to get which keeps confusing me :thinking:


It’s not going to be available where I live :sob::sob::sob:

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YES, SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE MOUSE!..I know I already have :joy:

I got the 3 year plan that came with being a d23 member


i pray for you