Sell Yourself

so, of course, many on here plan to be artists on v2!

many of you want to be successful in your creativity which is wonderful! i’m standing next to you!

with that being said, creativity is not the only piece of the equation! you have to market yourself and get people interested in YOU.

there are so so so so many creators out there and (asinine) algorithms BUT there is still room for YOU.

you may not know where to begin, so i ask you to sell yourself to me! as practice, comment below and tell me who you are. why should i care about you and what you create? what sets you apart? why should i follow you?

limit it to one paragraph or less, it might be harder than you think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this is just something to practice and help with branding! being clear with who you are and what you’re “selling” will definitely help with content creation along with keeping potential supporters clear in who you are

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you should also include your niche and target demographic, separate from the paragraph!

and you don’t have to share this publicly, but think about it and write it down somewhere, it will definitely help!