Self promotion?

Do you guys find it annoying? I get you need a little push sometimes but I’d rather find someone’s YouTube channel through good content than “HEY I POST COOL VIDEOS CHECK EM’ OUT HA HA”. It seems kinda unnecessary tbh. (if you agree subscribe to my youtube channel 1!11!)


At first it was fine but now it’s quite repetitive to see those post


I feel like it’s okay to post one or two things promoting yourself, but after that it’s just like over milking a cow (sorry that was weird lol) or adding too much butter to toast to the point. where there’s a pool of butter in your toast bc it can’t absorb anymore butter.

no one wants a pool of butter.

I’ve noticed a few people constantly advertising their YouTube videos :confused:

the worst part is that some have click baiting titles…

Yea I think the serious questioned titles followed by a youtube video link is unnecessary

Although I respect people for putting out and attempting to advertise their own content, it does get a bit repetitive and frivolous when they do it multiple times a day