Self-Limiting Beliefs

Hey guys

I wanted to touch on the topic of self-limiting beliefs. This is something I recently (the end of last year) understood.

Self-limiting beliefs are just that, beliefs you have that limit you.

Many of us are plagued with self-limiting beliefs without even realizing it. Usually, these beliefs will be reinforced by our definitions of good and bad/evil.

We create this moral compass and we force ourselves to abide by it even if it hurts us.

We decide what we believe, at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter how your parents brought you up and your environment. You decide whether you will believe something or not. Many times, we really don’t believe in these self-limiting ideas but we feel that we have to

I will say, from personal experience, letting go of self-limiting beliefs is insanely freeing and it really catapults your journey.

A very common self-limiting belief is the idea of luck

“I have to get lucky”

“That person was lucky”

“I don’t have any luck”

This is self-limiting because now you are blaming outside forces your current position and believing that this outside force will be responsible for making it (or not making it).

But the truth is, you have control of your life and what comes of it. You have to make the actions. You have to plant the seeds to reap the benefits.

This isn’t to say that every action you make, every seed you plant will be fruitful. Some will not grow but you will figure out what you need and what you need to do in order to create a flourishing garden.

Talking about something like fame , you may think that you need to just get lucky. People may have told you that it is all about luck and that may be a factor in it but it definitely is not the only factor in it. Justin Bieber didn’t become Justin Bieber by sitting and waiting on luck. He practiced his talents every day and exposed his skills whenever he could. He worked hard to get himself in the eyes of people who could help him get what he wants.

While you are sitting there, telling yourself “I’m not lucky”, a person in your same position and working relentlessly to find, or forge, the winning path.

How do you do that today?

  1. You practice your skills daily
  2. You expose your skills whenever and wherever possible
  3. You educate yourself on the ins and outs of the platforms so you can better market yourself
  4. You figure out who you need to show yourself to in order to reach your goals
  5. You figure out how you will get in front of them
  6. You constantly adjust your game plan
  7. You throw out the idea that it is all about luck and replace it with the idea that it is up to you to find the right door.

What do you think?

Do you have any self-limiting beliefs?


Very true!! We are our own worst enemy a LOT of the time! It’s so easy to simply say we can’t do something but the reality is that if we REALLY wanted/needed to do something that badly, we can do it! If you never give up until you get something you want, odds are very good that you’ll end up with it!


:clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


100%! There is a quote that goes something like
“I didn’t fail, I just figured out 1000 ways to not do something” and that’s a winning mentality!


I totally agree. I trully believe that we are the ones who create our reallity, no one else. It is all in our hands.


Wow! This was a really great post to read today, especially on my birthday! I’m guilty of using luck as my self-limiting belief. I have to learn that my outcomes are more of what I make it compared to anything else.


never actually thought of it that way, definitely opened my mind!


Yes!! I think that’s Thomas Edison and he was definitely successful in the stuff he set out to do!


Happy birthday


I agree that not being self limited is an amazing feeling of being absolutely and utterly free. I was raised by a hippie so I was taught to believe in whatever I want as long as it feels right.


happy birthdaaaayyyy jeo have a nice one


Thank you :slight_smile:


I appreciate it!!

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Our lives are definitely in our hands, it is just up to us to take control :sunflower:

I’m glad you liked it!

and Happy Birthday Love!! I hope you had a wonderful day :black_heart:

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I’m happy to hear that! :smile:

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That’s really great! and that’s a great method to follow, if you feel it is right, then follow what you feel :sunflower:

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I did, thank you! :grin: