Selected Beta Testers

@dom I’m a page on Instagram that informs people on the updates of v2 and I was wondering if there was anyway that if you select beta testers you can selected me :grinning: I would love to help inform people of the app and making the app better

I wouldn’t make a thread like this, you would be better off messaging him


Please refrain from requesting beta access. Dom has mentioned that people from the forums could be selected. If you stay up to date here, you might have a chance at getting in.

Also, since you are a v2 page that shares news, please let your followers know about the fake profiles and apps (assuming you haven’t already done so). This will help spread the message


Oh I will stay active on here and I have told my followers to delete the app if they had downloaded it :grin: if you wanna hit me up with a follow my Insta is @thevinershaderoom