SEEKING Your Feedback

I love Byte and have been creating since Beta and even back on Vine

Comedic, random, observations, etc. are my jam but am totally open
to collabing and other types of bytes.

My bytes make me lol which is key, but wondering what your thoughts are…

Feel free to comment on editing and filming and lighting, but I am definitely
most interested in the content itself and how it hits you & what types of bytes maybe
you like best.

My byte name is matthew

a few choice bytes:

(as of this posting, my most recent byte is a random loop…keep scrolling lol ty)

Thanks so much in advance for your responses! Happy Byte-ing!


I like your bytes!!


thanks Rommie e e e eeeeeeee!
Got your vibrato poppin’, almost did a byte take on your bytes…i might still, in good fun!

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