SEEKING where should I post?

I do a couple of things
Time lapse lunchbagart


Stop motion animation

And the occasional weird post.

Should I post in:

  • Art
  • Animation
  • Gaming
  • Wierd
  • Or???

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Should you always try an post on the same channel, or just whatever seems most appropriate?
Iā€™m :man_shrugging:


I think you should post under what seems the most appropriate, based on your videos, not all of them fall under the same category. The first 2 videos would be considered art I believe, since animation usually involves multiple frames/drawings. The next 2 would fall into animation I think. The laughing duck could be in comedy and pickle rick could be in wierd I would think. In the end, the categories can be pretty subjective especially when it comes to comedy because everyone has different tastes, I would say to just post it under the category which feels most appropriate to you.


Maybe try to stay in one category on byte its harder to gain followers if you are constantly changing the content uploaded. Also deleted the duck video could get flagged for stolen. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Part of me thinks we should be able to post without a category, and let people decide what category it fits in?

Basically they can :heart: and/or they can hit a drop down and put the byte in the category they think it fits best in.

This would hopefully avoid people putting stuff in categories that it has no real validity for.

What do you think @dom ?

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I believe most of these are perfect for Animation, but a couple could go into Art, or even Weird. You should categorize based on what the video is about, tbh :coffee:.

P.S. Your stuff kicks ass :metal:t5: Keep doing what you love :+1:t5:!