SEEKING - Homest Feedback, Please!

Let me start by saying that I really love the idea of this category; wanting to grow with the content you’re making and following through with that growth can be difficult at times. I want to grow and see where I go :heart:.

With that said, I’m @ lily on byte. I make “chill” edits sometimes, but mostly just post things from my daily life. I don’t consider myself funny, so joke telling is not in the cards for me. What can I be doing better? Is there anything I should stop doing?

I’m currently posting 1-3 times a day depending on whatever content it is (i.e. if I post a chill edit I try not to post anything else that day; if I post something from my day I may post 1 or 2 other things as well).

All advice is GREATLY appreciated. Cheers!


Good content only way I can see you improving is using a high end Camera

Maybe an entry level DSLR would do


I like the vibe of your posts! Maybe add more music. I really liked seeing you as a dj


Thank you so much! And that’s not a had idea at all - I had a SLR/Point-and-shoot hybrid years ago, but I’ll definitely need to save up money to invest in a new one.

I love the music aspect, I just didn’t know if people were tired of it or not. Glad you say to add some! And aww, thank you Jess :heart:. I thought I’d share that part of me with everyone.

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