SEEKING - Hit me with your critique

Jake here (the animator himself), it looks like I’ll be the test dummy for this new thread, but I’m absolutely fine with that. :blush:

I’m always looking to improve my animation skills, so hit me with your critique (just please keep it respectful and try to be specific with what you want me to improve on).

Here’s a link to my one of my latest bytes and one that I’m most proud of:


Omg that was awesome haha did not expect that :joy:


I really like the interplay between animation and real footage. I was a little disappointed when I tapped into your profile and saw that most of the posts featured the same character (but at the same time understand how time consuming modeling and rigging is). Maybe having a few and switching between them is an option, or experimenting with different framing?


That was lit man :joy: keep up the fire work! Definitely invest into more characters , I could see this popping off for sure.


Noted. Thanks @dom!


Mission accomplished:

Meet Tommy, a character I originally created for a comedy series but who has since been repurposed as the funny man on my byte page.
Will I add more characters in the future? Absolutely. However, I don’t want to oversaturate the character count as it’ll become too hard for the viewers to follow.
Will they all be as dumb as Tommy?
How much will I incorporate Tommy into my bytes?
As much as possible without me taking the spotlight off of Lorelei. The whole page was started centered around her, so any other characters will mainly serve the role of supporting her (unless I decide to do a short centered on only Tommy every now and then).

Again, thank you guys for the feedback and I’ll continue to see where this takes me! :blush: